Treat yourself

It feels good to have a goal, a real plan on how to get there, or at least how to meet your goal.
The plan I have made for myself this time is a long term plan,and this is  something I have never done before.

I have several of techniques and workouts etc listed for myself and other things too,to give myself the best plan to meet my goal.

I know for how long I should do one technique and workout until I switch to another technique and workout to variate myself and my muscles with. the technique and workouts I train after today works really great so far! I can feel the difference already and I am very excited to see how I progress from it.

The technique I use right now is hard and yes, I do feel the pain/burn and I do get a slight “panic” feeling when I think about my workout and would like to skip it because I know how painful it will be, but this is what will gives me good results so I know that I have to do this in order to gain more size.

So, I like to treat myself with things to give myself some appreciation for what I do, today I purchased 4 new coffee cups,this gives me more motivation to go on and train hard. we all deserve to feel appreciated for what we do.

Next month, I will give myself another treat 🙂



2 thoughts on “Treat yourself

  1. I plan on rewarding myself by doing my hair platinum blonde.I tell myself I can’t do it unroll O start working harder on my abs and glutes.

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