Measure progress

Progress is what makes us more hungry and more motivated to go on with our training.

But how do we measure our own progress?


There are several ways to do that,but most common is a scale,looking in the mirror and measure yourself with a tape measurement.

I am going to write about how I measure my own progress:

* Scale, I weight myself now and then,but for athletes this is not a trustful tool to use on its own, but if you combine it with something else, it is a good way to track your progress

* Tape measurement, I measure myself now and then

* Food log, I track my calories,this way I can adjust my calories to meet my goal

* Workout journal/log, I always rite down what exercise I did,in what order, how much weight I used and how many reps I did and also rest time etc

This way I can try to beat this session for my next coming week, and also see how I progress

*Mirror, How do I look? smaller, bigger, fatter less fat etc

* Taking pics sometimes, but this can fool you too, depending on angles,light clothes etc

* Clothes, how does them fit me, too tight? to lose etc



2 thoughts on “Measure progress

  1. Hej! Jag har ett skärp med vertikala snitt i, med omkring 8-9 mm mellanrum för varje snitt. På så vis har jag alltid stenkoll på förändringar i midjemåttet genom att räkna vilket snitt jag använder (just nu mellan 12:e – 14:e) Det kan variera 1-2 snitt beroende vilka byxor man använder.

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