Bulk benefit/bulk fördelar

Det jobbigaste med att bygga muskler är att behöva äta mer kalorier än du gör dig av med, och då menar jag att man ökar fett på ställen man inte vill ha fettet..

I mitt fall blir det magen och överkroppen som dominerar i fettväg..

Men! Man måste vara på det klara med vad man vill, och om och om igen påminna sig själv om varför man gör detta för att inte bli för deppig av allt det negativa.

Så här listar jag fördelar med att “bulka” eller ska man säga “clean bulk”

* Du bli starkare

* Du får mer energi

* Dina muskler ser fylligare ut pga av glygogen

* Du kan träna längre

* Du känner dig stark som en oxe

* Du kan unna dig stora måltider med gott samvete

* Du bygger muskler snabbare

* Du vet at du kan förbränna fettet senare


The hardest part to gain more muscles is that you have to eat more calories than you burn, and I mean that you will gain fat on places you don’t want fat….

In my case, it is my belly and upper body that my fat will dominate the most….

But! You have to be clear about what you want,and over and over again remind yourself why you are doing this otherwise you will get depressed and focus too much on the negativity.


So therefore I will list the benefit from “bulking” or should I say “clean bulk” :

* You get stronger

* You get more energy

* Your muscles looks more pumped up because of the glycogen

* You can train longer

* You feel strong like an ox

* You can eat bigger meals with good conscience

* You will build muscles faster

* You know that you can burn the fat later on



2 thoughts on “Bulk benefit/bulk fördelar

  1. Yay for clean bulking! 😀 To me bulking in a clean way is a great thing and I totally agree with you in the benifits of doing it. And I know how there are maybe some little so called negative effects from it, but to me those are so small. Even if you’re an apple shapped woman Lollo, I think you are beautiful in every state, like in your clean bulking state, and your lean dieting state, and your maintanance normal state.

    So I agree with you listing the benefits and reminding yourself about it to stay positive. Because honestly to me the benefits outway the negatives. It is a natural proccess of bodybuilding. Its normal. You have to bulk to gain more mass and size and strength. We see it all the time with some of the top bodybuilders they may not look the most cut and shredded all year round, but they are making size improvements, and then after when they go back to their maintanance phase or lean out for competition they look soo much better cause they’ve got new muscle! 😀

    So I think you’re doing great in your way cause you’re clean bluking too so you can feel happy and have no worries about it Lollo! Some people nowadays have an over infatuation with being lean lean lean all the time, all they want is definition and abs and cuts all over their body. Lol, but they are small overall so honestly to me thats not very impressive. Yeah you have cuts, but how much quality mass with cuts is there. Very little if you always dieting whole year round to look super lean and cut.

    So you’re doing the right thing Lollo and I support you fully and I believe that you’ll benifit from it even more, as you know what you’re doing so just keep positive and see your goal in mind! 😀 You’ve already built so much glutes and legs muscles and you’ve got a great toned back and arms so your just an amazing physique all around of course with that beautiful Brazilian shape hehe 😉 .

    Keep it up Lollo and enjoy every moment!

    • Hey Eddie!

      Thank you:-)

      And yes, I also have the experience of building more mass when I eat more, so I need to think about the benefit and the unwanted fat, I can hide it and then burn it when summer is here again hehe

      I have a goal and of course I am clear about what I want and therefore I will eat more too to support my goal.

      For me it is not important to have a “six-pack”, in fact , I like it more when you can see some definition on your abs,but not super lean
      A big butt and a pair of thick legs is more important for me 😛

      Thanks for your support Eddie as always!:-)

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