My 5 top food for bulk

When I bulk I make sure to eat healthy as much as possible, I see no reason to eat a lot of junk just because it contains a lot of calories

It is more to that than only calories —–> hormones.

What sort of food you choose will have a big impact on your hormones as well (good or bad)

I want to be in a anabolic state as much as possible without putting on too much fat and less muscles.


It is hard to eat a lot of calories,so therefore I focus on eating things that has much calories but still healthy and support my muscle gains

Here they are:

1, Eggs, I eat like 4-6 eggs per day, it is not a problem for me and I do it when I bulk, perfect proteins to build muscles and a lot of vitamins,high in calories too.

2, Milk, and I use the fatty one that has 3% fat. perfect protein sources and has a lot of calories

3, Nuts! perfect fats and a lot of calories

4,Bananas, perfect with calories and also healthy and taste good:-)

5, Mackerel, fish, perfect omega-3 to build better muscles and get stronger,healthy and contains a lot of calories.