Gain a bigger butt

If someone say’s  “Hey, I am going to weight train to make my biceps bigger ” , no one will say “Oh no, you can’t make a biceps bigger”

But, if you on the other hand say “Hey, I am going to weight train to make my butt bigger”, then more people will say..

“No, you can’t gain a bigger butt because it is genetic, you are either born with it or not”


Here are my thoughts why some people don’t think it is possible:


1, Women tend to store fat on her butt when she gain weight,and how much fat someone store on her butt is genetic.

But, there is more to a womans butt than just fat, we also have a huge muscle underneath.

A muscle can either be bigger (by working out with resistance/weight training) or smaller (if you don’t train your muscle it will become smaller with age)


2, If a women have fat and start to weight train, and eat less food than she burn, then she will lose butt fat, what happens is that she burn fat and gain muscles at the same time, and you burn fat a lot faster than you build muscles, so she will lose the volume (her butt fat) she had before she started to weight train.

This loss of butt volume has only to do with fat loss and not from weight training in it self.

So,when someone say’s “squat made my butt smaller, or weight training made my butt shrink ,so I will never weight train  again”

That only happened because she ate less calories than she burned,and the result was = fat loss.


3, If you want a bigger butt and also want to lose fat, you will see that your butt becomes smaller as long as you lose fat, but underneath, you start to gain muscles slowly, so you wont notice it that much at first.but if you keep on lifting and focus on butt training, you will see greater volume from muscle size, but you must be takes years of hard training and dedication.


4, If you have a big butt from fat,and you are fine with it and want your butt even  bigger, then you also need to eat more calories than you burn to keep your butt fat and also increase muscle gain.


So, most women lose a lot of fat when she start to weight train because she want a smaller waist and more definition on her body,and that is why her butt becomes smaller in volume


If she only lost weight without weight training, then she would have had an even smaller butt.

Plus, there are a lot of women who train without really train her butt with 100%, and if she don’t focus on her butt, then she wont get big results either.

My goal from the first time I ever started to lift weights was to get a bigger butt, it is almost 11 years ago I started to train for the very first time

and I have good experience with glute training and overall curves.I have also helped many women out there to build a better backside.

My butt is mostly from muscles,from hard work and dedication and I do have a lot of muscles in my trunk;-)





3 thoughts on “Gain a bigger butt

  1. Women who say its not possible simply say that because they are weak minded and don’t have the determination to go for it and for the long haul. Cause even if you get good development it is something you have to continually maintain for the rest of your life. There is no quick fix and there is no one time do it all.

    Respect to you for you work and its proof that it could be done! What I like that you said too is that some women even if they train they don’t know the specific exercises to target the butt the best. I’m obviously a guy so don’t focus on my butt a lot but I’ve learnt from following you these things, as I appreciate a great butt and legs. So I like how you target the butt with certain different exercises, like average girls and even ignorant boyfriends just say oh go squat, squat squat. But like you said a girl could actually develop other parts of her body from squat quads hamstrings and still have a flat butt lol. And that’s something I’ve learnt from you and I think other girls should come to appreciate. HOW you do the squat and the mental muscle connection you promote makes a major difference. Plus your other shaping exercises you do like one leg deadlift in combination with your mass movement.

    You give great advice and training info Lollo and its not just talking you live it and done it in yourself. Great post!

    • Thank you Eddie for your feedback:-)

      And it is true, there are so many women out there who just “train” and don’t know how to train and what exercises to d for best results for her butt
      Also, they are afraid to eat more to gain muscles or lift and go hard.

      But it does takes time and experience of your own body to master these things and as long as you strive to be better and to get good muscle connection and all that, it will be better.

      Patient,hard work and know what exercises works best for you is something we all should strive for.

      Even for me who have been training for years is getting better and better and learn new things all the time,we can always learn new things in fitness and body building

      • You’re welcome Lollo 🙂

        So true but thats why its great that there’s girls like you who show that training hard and eating big but clean is great!

        And yeah you’re a testament to sticking with it and getting to know your body and the muscle connections as you’ve been training for years. Like people might think you were just always great at it, but even you took time to master your muscles and now you’re amazing!

        Thats the great thing about training for real, that no matter what you can always keep progressing and learning. Love your attitude and enthusiasm towards training and bootybuilding hehe! Keep it up Glutegirl! 😀

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