Hula hoop day-6

Yes, this will be day-6 with my new weighted hula-hoop of 1.8 kg.

The two first day’s was really painful, it felt like I had bruises especially on my hips and obliques.

I had two tops on me to make it less painful from the hula hoop.


So why have I started this weighted hula hoop “challenge” , well it is because a new science study showed that women who have hula hooped for 6 weeks/5 day’s per week with a weighted hula hoop 1.7 kg got their waist reduced by 3.4 cm just from hula hooping

This was not because their waist got tighter from muscle work,the fat reallocated and went to other body areas instead and their weight remained the same, this sounds too good to be true, right!

So, I wanted to try this myself because I am an apple shaped women and my belly is my problem area, I will give it a go and see if this will happen to me as well lol


What I have noticed on my belly is that it feels more firm,and feels tighter, it is of course too soon to say something, it can be that I am in a hormone cycle when I don’t retain that much water in my belly area or something else, so I have to wait and see…

I also eat more calories so I am not losing any fat at the moment, I am doing a clean bulk



The study ( I saw this link from a respectful man at a training forum ):

A 6 week trial of hula hooping using a weighted hoop: Effects on skinfold, girths, weight and torso muscle endurance.


Novel ideas for core endurance training are continually being created. However, studies of their mechanism of action assist in evaluation of their potential as a training tool, for a variety of people and purposes. The specific purpose of this study was to evaluate a weighted hula hooping training program for its efficacy on improving core muscular endurance and influence on measures of body composition. Eighteen women participated in a weighted hula hooping trial lasting six weeks, although only 13 returned for post-trial re-assessment. Hip and waist circumferences, five torso muscle endurance tests and five skinfold measurements (“Sum of 5”) were measured prior to, and following the exercise program. Pair samples t-tests were performed to examine pre/post changes. On average, participants experienced a significant decrease in waist and hip circumference -3.4cm (p<0.01) and -1.4cm (p<0.05), respectfully and waist-to-hip ratio from 89.3cm down to 87.3cm (t=3.312, p<0.01). There were no significant changes in torso muscular endurance after the six weeks of hooping; however, the average “Sum of 5” skinfold measurements increased by 10.5cm (p<0.05). This study of weighted hula hooping suggested that regular hooping was associated with reduced waist and hip girth together with a redistribution of body mass, however there were no improvements in torso muscular endurance as measured by isometric testing.


5 thoughts on “Hula hoop day-6

  1. I think the Hula Hoop excercise is a great idea, especially from reading the reasons for it the advantages. And it makes sense too since you say you’re apple shapped, cause reducing the waist size is precisely what this hula hoop targets 🙂 . From the research it sounds like it really works! You’ve just done like 1 week so see what happens after 5 more weeks 😀 Sorry about the pain, but I guess thats caused from the special ridges on this hula hoop normal ones don’t have that but I guess thats part of the design that tightens up your waist more. And now that you’re body has gotten accostomed to it more and it doesn’t hurt so much its just fun so you can have fun and get a smaller waist so yayy!

    I always think a nice smaller waist and curvy hips is really beautiful, so I’m glad theres been good results there, seems thats special about this kind of cardio. Like other cardios may just reduce your whole body size all over including hips, but if this one can just reduce your waist and keep your hips well then thats amazing! Seems like thats what it does when they say the waist to hip ratio went down from 89.3 to 87.3cm.

    Its great that you found this especially when you’re doing your clean bulk too as it’ll help you keep your waist in form while you can get gains in other areas hehe so to me the hula hoop workout is a win win Lollo! Great job doing it and congrats on increasing your time at it! Keep it up girl you rock! 😀

    • Yes, haha!

      I must trust this study lol, well I hope it can work, just hope, but it does feels like it is working
      Perhaps I wont lose that much as those women,but a little bit tighter I hope 😀

      My belly gets really warm afterwards as well and It leave read marks too, it feels like I have been through a deep massage or something
      my skin feels tighter too

      I agree, a smaller waist to wider hips looks beautiful !:-)

      Yeah, I need to hang on there 5 more weeks haha

      Thanks Eddie! 🙂

  2. You’re such an natural beauty with REAL big muscle, better than the famous “fitness” chicks nowadays, which are skinny girls with buttock implants. Honestly why are you not famous? You should be a fitness model, I think you are a good role model for women! Keep it up, LOVE your blog xx

    • Hi Rimi:-)

      Thank you dear:-)

      I do myself prefer to be “thick” big lower body with thick legs and big butt, so that is what I aim for( I want bigger hehe)

      I am glad to read that you find me as a good role model for women:-) that is what I love!

      Maybe you will see me in the future as “famous” 🙂


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