How I train my waist



I train my abs with 3 exercises 2 times per week (have not done it for 1 week because I have hula hooped instead)

But I want to weight train my abs 2 times per week and also do hula hoops 5-7 times per week 15 min each time



Russian twists

russian twists
Leg lifts, with or without a ball

leg lift


4 thoughts on “How I train my waist

  1. Hi Lo!

    I’ve finally decided to get to work on my body.. you’ve been quite the inspiration!
    Not sure where to start because I want to lose weight (at least another 20 lbs) but I don’t want to lose it in my glutes. I’ve been doing squats.
    Should I do cardio for fat loss and start lifting too? Or switch between cardio and lifting?

    • Hi Karyn!

      You could combine weight training with cardio,but if you lose fat you will lose fat all over, but if you continue to work on your glutes
      then your muscles underneath with grow,and once you have lost the fat you want, you can focus on gaining even more glutes 🙂

  2. I am still trying to figure out what that 3 is about 😛 but damn everytime I come back i find I have missed a lot and for sure missed you as hell
    so FIRST Congratulations on your new blog
    Second of all really , you could have sent me an email or something to tell me you were the sexy devil in halloween 😛
    BTW are you still the sexy devil or just a sexy angel now,, hope you didnt kill someone or get naughty with your devil fork ; ) yet 😀
    KISSES and smiles beauty g/cute girl

    • Well hello :-)!

      Thank you for congratulating me:-)

      I am always an angel;-) only on Halloween I turn to the sweet devil hehe

      Glad you checked this blog out! keep doing what you do and do it even better, we all can do so 🙂


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