Bigger butt-no results?

Don’t you get  the results you want when it comes to gain a bigger butt?

You hear most of the time “you must lift heavy in order to gain muscles“…
…which is not really the truth…

For a beginner or for a person who don’t really understand what that means think that they have to lift really heavy to gain.

In most cases, they lift more weights than their muscles can handle

This leads to bad form and technique,the target muscle you wanted to work with could not do its job to 100% which results in poor results.

So what does “Lift heavy” means?

If you ask me, I would say that lifting heavy means that you challenge the right muscle to do the maximum potential

to hit it hard and intense.

And to do so,you will  use a “light” weight and make it as heavy as possible by having full control/focus and mind-muscle connection with the right muscle you want to work with.

This does not require heavy weights,but the weight you are using will be so challenging for your muscle/s that it feels like your muscle/s are going to explode! and it hurt too

Many women who want’s a bigger butt train too heavy, they can squat heavy but most of the job comes from their legs, so their legs grows instead of their butts.

If they decreased their weights and focused more on the glutes,they would not be able to lift that much weight,but their glutes would do more of the job (if they focused) and the results would be even better and your butt would grow larger and stronger.

So my tip.

Decrease your weights! I bet your glutes are much weaker than your legs,so you need to adjust the weights to match the strength of your glutes and not your thighs to gain more size in your glutes.

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