You are powerful !

Yes, you are!

Your mind is very powerful,everything you choose to believe in (in this article we talk about training) will be true for you.

If you think that you can never lose weight, that will be true for you

If you think that you can never gain big muscles, that will be true for you

If you think that you can never gain weight, that will be true for you.

You see, it is you who sets the limits for your self.

If you say to yourself that you can never lose weight, that you have been over weight all your life,that means you have already giving up to even try, or you will try it out for a short time and then say “Yes, you see, I have tried it now and I have not lost weight,just as I thought”

Or when you say ” I have tried everything , and it has never worked for me ”

I can say right away that we often think that we have tried it all, there are so many ways to try things,and most of us don’t have the patient, determination or the right mindset to continue what we are doing. so we stop and then try something new and hope that this one can work like magic for us, and then you end up exactly the same as you did the first time you tried.

Here are my tips to help you out:

1, Ask yourself and be honest! Is this really true? Have you really tried everything? could there be things I have missed?

Have I tried it long enough,have I been really detailed with everything? Have I wrote down my goal and the strategies to get where I want?

Have I really counted all my calories? Did I really increased my intensity every week? Did I said no to that cake ?

Did I get up every morning earlier than I normally do to take my walk or do my cardio? Was my mindset great all the time?What was my thoughts every time I should train or do my cardio? where they positive or negative? Did I hire a coach or personal trainer to help me out when I failed? Do I really want to lose weight ?

2, Always when you have those limiting thoughts, you must stop and think  ” Is this really true? ” first your mind might come up with YES, it is true, then you need to continue to questioning that statement

3, Set up a clear goal,and then believe or should I say decide that this is what you must do. You have set up a goal and that is what you are going for  no matter what. When you decide to do something, you will also find all the tools and solutions to help yourself achieve that.

4, Keep your goal to yourself (at least at first ) because in the beginning,you can get very confused and doubt yourself when others will tell you that you can’t do it,or that you don’t need it or whatever people can say.

Why should you even listen to them? they don’t know how strong you are,they have not seen you fail, they have not seen your passion and commitment etc, so how can they even say that “you can’t do it ” ?

Let they have their own limitations,and decide that you are free from limitations.

Just listen to yourself,and other who have succeed!

Good luck:-)

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4 thoughts on “You are powerful !

  1. Oh my goodness, Lo! I thought you were gone forever! I’m so glad to find your updated site. Totally uplifting post, as usual. ^.^

    – Ash

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