Me and deadlift-*video*

Yesterday I had a pretty great workout.

Focus was on hamstrings and back,but I did some glutebridges and also hip band abductions as well for my glutes.

If you are going to do deadlift,make sure that you are doing them right, let a trainer help you with the technique first

This exercise is wonderful for the whole body and it is an exercise I think you should use in your workout program

But only if you use the right technique, otherwise you can really injure yourself.

In this video, I make sure to keep my back tight and straight, no arch and no rounding,and I only lift with the help of my legs.

My lower back have been feeling a bit “weak” or should I say “tired” for a week, so therefore I was extra careful

In the future I will make an instructional video on deadlift.

I normally take a post- workout drink such as whey protein and fast carbohydrates such as maltodextrin

But there are day’s I eat normal food like eggs,sandwich,vegetables, or rice/pasta ham or chicken etc as a post workout meal.



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