Progress from last month

I am really amazed!

I gain weight because I eat more (of course)but there is one thing that surprise me really much and that  is my belly.

I am talking about the female ” pooch” …you will see when I post my measurements

Weight : + 0,5 kg since last month

Waist : + 0,3 cm since last month.

Belly : – 2 cm since last month !! I have LOST 2 cm from my belly, and total -3 cm for 2 months

Butt : + 0,5 cm since last month

Upper legs : + 0,5 cm

Middle leg : + 0,5 cm

So, I have gained everywhere, but I have lost 2 cm from my belly. THIS is not something I have never ever done in my life when I am trying to bulk up.

I was noticing it from when I sat down, usually I can feel my belly pretty good while sitting down and it was bigger and not that firm either.

But lately when I sit down, the pooch is not that big anymore and I feel like I am more tight in that area when I sit.

So sure, something has happen;-)

Could this be from the weighted hula hoop ? well I have no idea

To be honest, I have cheated a bit with hula hoop, this last week I only hooped 3 times that week, and perhaps I have hula hooped for 3-4 times per week, when I was planned to hoop at least 5-7 times per week

The study about weighted hula hoop, they hooped 5 times per week 15 min each, and they lost 3,4 cm from their waist

even if they did not lost weight or diet.

It can be hard for me to see anything in the waist area because I also train my back muscles with deadlifts etc, which will build muscles and therefore your waist measurements can be bigger there.

But I am hopeful, I do feel curvier than before, with a tighter waist and more hips and butt

I will keep you updated on my hula hoop training, I’ll try to be more consistent with it.

You can read about the study HERE


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3 thoughts on “Progress from last month

  1. Thats so amazing Lollo! You’ve definitely found a great tool for your training with that hula hoop! 🙂 Gaining muscle and curves in other areas while losing size in your belly simultaneously is incredible!

    And in my opinion too your curves and figure have gotten even better. Like I remember in some of your other progress pics from your bulking in the past, and I’ve definitely gotta say that this bulking phase of yours has been the best with the hula hoop! Regardless of bulking or not, your shape is incredible now, with definitely a tighter waist and belly than in the past and your hips and butt are even curvier 😀

    So happy for your progress Lollo, you’re doing incredible and imagine if you do the hula hoop more! Keep it going wonderful! ❤

    • Thank you Eddie!:-)

      I know that pics can be hard to see different sometimes, but I really see a small change compare to before when I was bulking
      and that I have lost 3 cm in total over a period of 2 month while gaining weight and eating more is amazing! this has never happen before

      So just this month I lost 2 cm, that is cool and I hope and think that this might come from the hula hoop, it could also be a placebo effect who knows haha, but still, the results are clear!

      Yes, I will try to be more strict wit hula hooping so I can have more feedback from it,and if it works.

      Thanks again and have a wonderful Monday 🙂 ❤

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