Smaller waist bigger butt-Mindre midja större rumpa

So, many of us ladies want to have a smaller waist with a bigger perkier butt.

How can we achieve that?

Well, it is possible, but that is nothing you do in a couple of months..

Also, some of us have a lot more belly fat than others, and for you, it will take  longer for you to achieve that look,but it is possible.

How small waist and how big butt you can get will vary from person to person because we are built differently,also it has to do with how strict someone is with her workout and eating habit etc, for some people they build glutes “easy” and for some it is “harder” to build, just like any other muscle groups.

But once again, it is possible to build a bigger butt and a smaller waist if you do it right.

Here are my tips :

1, Take a look at your physique here and now. what is your trouble area? your butt (too small) or your belly? (too big)

2, If you have the belly problem, then the fastest way is to lose fat by eating less calories and do cardio to burn the fat to the point where you feel comfortable, also train your abs muscles to make the muscles tighter to help you keep everything in place.

You could also combine this two mention ideas above with weight training to build some muscles,but for some people this can be too stressful and the progress can be hard to see in the butt area because you will lose fat all over including your butt fat.

If you choose to lose the belly fat,and you have lost the amount you wanted, you can now start focusing on building muscles in your lower body.

3, If you problem is your butt, then you can start right away by doing butt exercises to gain a bigger butt.

Be patient because muscles don’w grow over night,and it seems like that most women think that training her butt bigger will be as easy to eat your butt bigger!

This is not true at all, and when you find out that you can’t see drastic changes in the butt area after a couple of weeks/months, you start wonder “why can’t I gain a bigger butt?”

Calm down my friend, muscles takes time,effort,dedication and to find yourself inspiration all the way to your goal.

4, You can build muscles on maintenance and calore deficit, but only for a shorter period of time,and works most often best for beginners or overweight people.

Otherwise you have to eat a little bit more than you burn to give your muscles something to grow on.

I suggest that you increase calories slowly, because otherwise you will end up too fat with less muscle gains,rather than mostly muscle gain and minimum of fat.

5, There might come a time you think that you have gained “too much fat” along the way when you are trying to gain muscles,and want to have a period when you focus on shredding. how long this period will take is absolutely up to you

Do it as long as you like and when you are satisfied with your results,and then you can start focusing on building even more butt muscles again.

6, This is something you can do in period all the time like “clean bulk and Shredding” periods, this is how I do it all the time.

And this is what gives me best results too.

7, Eventually,you will have a bigger butt and a smaller waist, when your butt muscles grows, they will become bigger and perkier,and to keep your waist smaller, you will shred and or keep your calories just a little bit ontop of your maintenance intake.

Last note,

I have a max  cm I allow myself to have when I bulk up, I only allow my waist to become 2-3 cm bigger than it normally have until I decide to do a shredding phase.

But this is only me, you might have another max  cm.


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