Train hard

New week and new workout plan! 🙂

So nice to start training hard again, I feel  “off” when I don’t exercise.

The best way to get good results is to train hard and strict, without weight training you won’t gain muscles

so number one is to train hard and do it every single time you should train.

Second is food.

So main focus is train hard !

It does not really matter what exercises you do (most of the time ),it is how hard you do the specific exercise,and that requires technique and good muscle-mind connection, not something you do as a beginner, this is something you learn over time.


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One thought on “Train hard

  1. Christmas is coming and I wonder what you planning ahead 😀 , training hard is the key I agree and i must say getting your ass up and training when you dont feel like it is what may come first before it , cause we should never stop and always embrace the satisfaction and rewards of working out , and i always was thinking what that 3 maybe for , I thought boobs , ass , a kiss !! but then i realized I must ask you to kiss all your beautiful 3 😀 and I am talking about the little ones you know hope all 4 of you are in great health and wealth .
    Kisses L.O and keep it going hard.
    P.s did you buy your santa custom yet 😛 ?

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