Be clear about your goal

It is very important to be clear about your goal to succeed.

1, Set a goal how you want to look

2, Set smaller goals until you get there (end goal )

3, Visualize every single day and really tune in to that feeling of having the body that you desire

4, Tell yourself daily why you are doing this (training,lose weight,gain weight etc ) and what will change in your life when you have the body you want. what new doors will be open for you?

More opportunities ? more success? better self image and self esteem ? More out going? More flirts ? whatever it is for you

write them down and tune in to them, feel it !

5, Focus on the small changes you have done,focus on what you have done to come closer to your goal, such as:

a, Did your workout

b, Ate healthier

c, How you will look like in the end

d, How great you feel after a workout

etc etc

Write them down ! and stop focusing on the negative things such as , I don’t see results, I will never get big/small, It is boring to work out etc etc, that wont serve you at all !


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