Knee injury-2 weeks later

So I went to the doctor today, and he said that I have a sprained knee,and perhaps a small crack too.

It will take weeks to get better and months to recover completely.

He said that  I should take it easy and don’t do any kind of exercise for my lower body until the pain and swelling is over

walks are fine,and that I can train my upper body.

I try to stay positive,but sometimes it is hard, everyone who loves to train knows what I am talking about 😀

I will start doing some light stiff deadlift and band walking and perhaps some leg raise for my glutes and hamstrings to save and slow down the process of muscle loss, I have tried those exercises and it works well and I don’t feel any pain

I have lost some lower body muscles,and most noticeable on my right leg,but once I can train my quads again,I hope I will get it back quick !

Jag har varit hos doktorn (vårdcentralen) och han sa att jag hade stukat knät samt eventuellt fått en liten spricka.

Det kommer ta flera veckor innan jag blir bättre och månader innan jag blir helt återställd sa han.

Jag skulle även ta det lugnt med påfrestnigar som träna eller belasta området tills svullnad och smärtan avtagit.

Promenader var okej samt att jag kunde träna överkroppen.

Jag försöker vara positiv,men ibland är det svårt, alla som älskar att träna vet vad jag talar om 😀

Jag kommer att köra lite stela lätta mark,gående band(abduction) samt lite benlyft för rumpan och hamstrings för att bevara och sakta ner muskelnedbrytningen, jag har testat att köra dessa övningar och det funkar bra utan smärta

Ja har redan tappat en del muskelmassa på underkroppen och mest synligt på det skadade benet,men så snart jag kan börja träna quadsen igen så hoppas jag det kommer tillbaka snabbt !



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6 thoughts on “Knee injury-2 weeks later

  1. Its good that you got a doctor’s check up and now you know just what’s going on. At least its not too too bad, so can be thankful for that. You’ll get through it and be stronger after Lollo! 😀

    I sprained my knee twice before once really bad like 14 years ago, and the other one just a slight sprain about 4 years ago. And after it all, I’ve come back and gotten stronger than I was back then.

    So don’t let it bring you down in any way, you can recover completely and go on to be even better! 🙂 Its great that you still found some exercises that you can do light that feel fine too!

    You’re a great inspiration and a strong girl so remember that and keep your head up! You can still enjoy the certain ones that don’t hurt and upper body. Where there’s a will there’s a way so keep positive Lollo and you’ll be back eventually! 😀

    • Thank you very much for your kind uplifting words!

      Oh, twice you say, that sucks, but as you write, you are stronger and better now:-) that’s a relief!

      Do you remember how long it took before you can train normal again?

      I feel impatient and sort of depressed about this lol

      But you are right, I need to look in the future and think that I will come back

      Happy new year! 🙂

      • You’re welcome Lollo! You always inspire others so gotta encourage you too in this time! 🙂

        I can’t remember clearly but I think after 2 months I was able to do some things, but I was still playing football on it still for the first 2 weeks so maybe that made it harder (lol being hard headed). But just rest it and I think after 2 months you’ll feel better. Eventually leg extensions with no weights helped me after a while, no machine or anything (just sitting and trying to do the motion gradually) just getting the feel of it.

        It will get better though as long as you look after yourself and take the doctors advice hehe 😛

        Happy New Year to you too Lollo! 🙂

      • Thanks for your reply Eddie!

        Well, than I can feel better 🙂 hope for the best!

        Haha, yepp, I will try to do whatever the doc said 😉

        Thanks again for your support! I do appreciate it very much.

        Have a wonderful time!


  2. OH my friend ,,,, sorry to hear :S well that means more time with family too which is awesome , and well don’t know how it is in your country but ,,,, tell your doctor I told you to go swim a lot , hope you have some heated pools there ,, and well lets face it you will enjoy wearing your bikinis ; )

    Many kisses

    • Thanks dear:-)

      I am getting better and better,not full range of motion yet, and it still hurt, but I can do some mini squats,step ups and stiff deads.
      I hope I can train better in a month or so 🙂

      Good things will always comes out from bad things 😛

      I don’t feel comfortable in a bikini right now lol, but thanks!

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