I am on my way to bigger glutes!

So, it has been 4 weeks and 4 day’s since I fell off my bike and sprain me knee and hand.

I have lost quite much quads and of course some glutes as well.but that happens if you can’t train or can’t train as you usually do.

I still need to work on my rehab exercises and try to get back to full range of motion in my knee,because it still hurt if I bent it too much,and I am still a bit swollen.

But, the good news is that I can go down the stairs 🙂 I could not do that like 1 week ago (normally) and I can take walks

plus…I have started to do very light (only 20 kg) squat in my squat machine at home to almost 90¤(degree) and that does not hurt.

I do not train to fail or anything, I just try to get some blood flow,technique and “wake up” my muscles

So I am on  my way to bigger glutes and bigger thighs hehe, I am soooo hungry to come back and just because of this

I will come back with my best body ever! bigger glutes, bigger tights !

I trust myself and I trust life ❤

Keep it going people!

And if something is stopping you right now,then make sure you will come back even better,stronger and bigger!


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