I have just received my dermaroller I ordered.

And the reason for that is because that I have had a lot of  acne (similar to acne) from the skin condition rosacea

And they left me with scars on my face like small holes and red marks.

Not only that I also have very thin skin which can make you look older because of lines/wrinkles.

And I also have a tendency to get the “turkey neck” lose skin under my chin,which is something my mother had and my grandmother had

I am too “young” to get a turkey neck in my age.

I want to give dermaroler a try to see if I can improve the areas that I need to work on,like my scars,pigmentation from sun and turkey neck.

If that works, then I will use it on my belly too because I have some “lose” skin from having kids and being an apple shaped women


How I found out about dermaroller,was after I searched on google “lose neck skin” and then links to dermarollers came up

and after reading a lot of information about the dermaroller, I decided to buy one and give it a go.


I would advice anyone who wants to try it read alot before you purchase,there are things you need to know before using it

After my google search, I came to a site call Owndoc  and they have a lot of information,and also a forum.their dermarollers seems to be trustful

and cheap.I would avoid the Chinese once that are very cheap (at least what I read) their needles on the roller can break or rust and can damage your skin.

A dermaroller can help with

  •  Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Skin tightening
  • Reduce eye bags under eyes
  • Reduce stretchmarks
  • Reduce cellulite’s (perhaps a dermastamp is better for this one,and the effect might not be super)
  • Reduce acne scars/other scars



Depending on what areas you want to treat and what,you might need longer or shorter needles, I use 0.5 mm and that is what I am starting with

I don’t think you need too long needles in the face area,

For scars ans stretchmarks.. you might need 1-2 mm needle length

It takes about 3-6 months to see good results, so you need to be patient.


I am not going to write a lot of dermaroller here in this post, but you can read more on  or search on google.

I purchased mine for about 19 $ usd


Some videos:

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3 thoughts on “Dermaroller

  1. Hi! Thanks for a great introduction. Can’t wait to read more on your results. I’m also fighting some scars and will try out the dermaroller as well… Please feel free to post your results (or link to your blog post) in my post – I really want to inform people on this topic and help, as I think there’s a lot with scars out there, who’s very annoyed by them… Hopefully we can help them 🙂

    By the way, did you try (or are you considering trying) the clinical dermaroller treatment?

    Feel free to comment on my post:

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