Plateau-how to fix it


Most of us who train will hit a plateau sometime in life, when we are stuck and don’t gain more progress.

This can be very frustrating and lead to lack of motivation.

I would like to add some things you could check out first and ask yourself if this  might be your problem before I go on

  • Have you stress a lot lately or for a longer period of time?
  • Have you been eating less/ or bad lately?
  • Have your sleep been bad for a time?
  • Have you had other personal problems lately?
  • Have you skipped your training now and then for a while?
  • Have you been sick lately?

If you say yes,to one or some of them, then you should do something about that problem, example, if you have not been sleeping well for a while

make sure to get a good night sleep every night, or if you have not been eating right, then make sure to plan your meals and eat better


If you make sure to do something about it, then your training will get better and you will have more progress again.


If you know that you sleep well,eat well,not stress etc and you feel like you are stuck in your workout,try this to break through a plateau


  • If you have not done it, try to add more weights or reps each week
  • If you have been training with a rep range between 8-12, try to go heavier and keep a rep range between 4-6
  • Try to do drop set or super set for an exercise
  • Try to change your workout a little bit
  • Perhaps you are doing too many exercises and sets,then try to decrease your exercises and sets for a while
  • Perhaps you are training too little, try to add a workout or add exercises and sets for a while
  • Add a few partial reps in the end of your exercises
  • Perhaps you are changing your workouts/exercises too often and therefore it is hard to track your loads,hard to increase weights etc

If so, then stick to a good workout plan for a while instead of switching too often, it is easier to track your progress if you stick to a program

and add weights/reps each week slowly,this way you can go back and check how much weight and reps you did for “lunges” for example.

Then add more weights/or reps for your next coming week.


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