My weight loss start TODAY!

It is almost 2 months now since I injured my knee (knee sprain) 7 weeks actually.

My knee is not healed yet, it is still swollen,I feel pain  sometimes when I do a movement,also my knee feels stiff especially in the mornings

The first 5 weeks I did not train my quads at all(because I could not) then I tried to do some light body weight mini squats and step ups,

I also did walks…

But that does not work to keep or add muscles, at least not for me, my legs are the first thing I loss when I can’t train and are hard to develop

I don’t store much fat (Very little ) If I gain fat,they are slim naturally,and I am an apple shaped women so my fat goes to my upper body.




So I weighted myself,took before pics and also took a look in the mirror which I have avoided as much as possible because I don’t want to be “depressed” over the muscle loss and the fat gain..


But now I had to do it because today is the day  I will start losing fat,and most of my fat that I will lose will come off from my belly because that is the place I store most of it.

But I was shocked over how much leg muscles I have lost! it is scary,also how big my belly I look like a real apple shape (of course)

I am not going to show my before pics today, that is too much for me right now..whenever I lose the fat,then I will show you the before and afters


I realize that I am not able to train to build muscles for a long time,and I will keep being smaller, but what I hope, is that I can come back and be more fit (perhaps “skinny fit”) until I can gain more muscles 😀

I have not train my upper body either because I have not had the motivation plus that I don’t want a muscular upper body and skinny legs to that.

But this week, I will start with full body workouts,and also cardio such as walks,that is the only cardio I can do at the moment.

Time t stop feeling sorry for myself and do the best out of it!

I will post my fat loss journey in this blog and update

I hope you are with me 🙂

Have a great week!


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4 thoughts on “My weight loss start TODAY!

    • Yes, I fell of my bike and sprained my knee and hand,my hand is fine now, but my knee still have some pain and still a bit swollen

      But I will come back:-)

      Thank you ❤

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