My measurements and weight!

Hallo ,hallå!

Hoppas allt är bra med er läsare:-)

Då var det dags att avslöja vikt och mått sedan skadan..

Sedan november 2104 då jag inte  var skadad, vägde jag 64.5 kg på mina 162 cm

Idag väger jag 63,5 kg på mina 162 cm

Inte nog med det, jag har även lagt på mig runt midjan med 2 cm,gått ner i rumpan med 1 cm förlorat 3,6 ! cm runt mitten av mitt skadade lår

och 2,6 cm på mitt friska lår..

det syns speciellt då jag står rakt fram, då ser man tydligt hur mycket massa jag tappat där( JAg har tagit en förebild framifrån på benen och kommer ta bild varje vecka för att sedan visa er resultatet)



Mitt mål är att få tillbaks musklerna jag tappat främst på låren,men även att gå ner i fett,jag vill dock inte ha förlite kroppsfett.

Jag kommer bli bättre än någonsin denna gång! så är det bara 🙂



Hello, hello!


I hope everything is well with you readers:-)

It is time to reveal measurements and weight since my injury

In November 2014 when I was not injured, I weighted 64,5 kg to my 162 cm

Today, I weight 63,5 kg (lost 1 kg) to my 162 cm

Not only that, I have gained 2 cm on my belly, lost 1 cm from my butt,and lost 3,6 cm! from my injured thigh and 2,6 cm from my healthy thigh

It is most noticeable if you look at me at a front view ( I have been taking my first front pic,and will take pic every single week and then I will show you guys the results)


My goal is to gain my leg muscles back,and also lose fat, but I don’t want to have too little body fat % though

I will come back better than ever this time! it is just like that 🙂


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2 thoughts on “My measurements and weight!

  1. Oh shucks sorry about the loss in the legs Lollo :/ . I can imagine its frustrating but you’re a fighter and I’m proud of you for keeping your head up and doing the best you can! 😀

    You can get it back Lollo and yes you will be better than ever this year I believe! The important thing is you’re doing your best day by day, and that’s all this really is about, just doing better than we did before each day and enjoying it!

    You’re always an inspiration and an awesome girl with your attitude so keep it up! And you’re still as beautiful as ever too! 😀 All the best with continuing your rehab and training and for good progress bit by bit! You rock Lollo!

    • Thank you Eddie for your message !:-)

      Yeah, that sucks! of course, the recovery time was longer than I thought,but training light and not to deep leg/butt exercises can at least give me something back,and once I can train hard again, then I WILL haha

      I am quite positive at this right now,and if I decide to accomplish something,then I always do,and will

      You are a great fighter yourself Eddie! keep it up and thanks again 🙂

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