Train your butt every day

Q: Can you train your butt every day?


A: Yes, you can,but then you have to train in a way that still gives you muscle recovery and also train less intense,cut down on your volume etc

This is not really something I would advice beginner girls if they ask me because you have to know your body,know how to train smart and not go over board.

Just because I say “Yes, you can train your glutes everyday,that does not mean that you should train 12 sets of heavy loads each day

because if you want to train more often, then you also need to cut down on your sets


An example, if you train your glutes 2 times per week now and do 10 set each session, that would be 20 sets per week

If you want to train every single day, then you should take 15-20 sets/7 = 2-3 sets/per day  and that will gives you a total of 15-20 sets per week.


You can try that and see how your body respond to it, Some like it every day and it will save them time too with only 2-3 set per day

Just remember to warm up before you train!

An example could be:

Monday : Squat 3 set

Tuesday: Hip thrust 3 set

Wednesday: Squat 1 set & Bulgarian split squat 2 set

Thursday: Glutebridge 3 set

Friday: Squat 3 set

Saturday: Seated hip abduction 2 set & Bulgarian split squat 1 set

Sunday: Bulgarian split squat 2 set & hip thrust 1 set


Or, you can train glutes 2 times per week that you do normally,and then add a “glute boost” daily exercise like hip thrust and glutebridge

Monday: Your regular glute workout + morning or night 1 set hip thrust (to failure)

Tuesday:1 set glutebridge (to failure)

Wednesday:1 set hip thrust (to failure)

Thursday: 1 set glutebridge (to failure)

Friday:Your regular glute workout + morning or night 1 set hip thrust (to failure)

Saturday: 1 set glutebridge (to failure)

Sunday:1 set Hip thrust (to failure)


I do this in periods,train my butt each day,but I do it my own way to suit my body,and whenever I feel like my body needs to stop,then I skip the “everyday” glute training and stick to my normal routine, this everyday glute training only last for 2-4 weeks max for me

I like to do it before summer time to give my glutes a boost

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11 thoughts on “Train your butt every day

  1. As a guy, the focus of my Glute training is a bit different from yours. Mainly, I want stronger glutes to protect my lumbar spine.

    LOL, I actually was hoping you had some trick that made squats easy😅

    • If you really want a strong butt, then incorporate a lot of hip thrust and glutebridge,you will hit them hard and can have alot of weights,your squats will improve too

  2. So glad I saw this post. Lately, I am so busy and have a really hard time focusing on training my glutes because I’m so short on time. If you train hard and train smart, make sure that you allow your glutes enough rest and don’t overtrain, would this everyday protocol be as effective as doing 2/3 glute only focused workouts per week? I’m talking about glute growth mainly. If so, this would be great for me as it would save me lots of time. Now if I train my butt and legs, I end up only sleeping 4/5 hours that night because I come back home so late daily. I know that’s also not good for building muscle.

    Thank you for this post!

    • You are welcome!

      You can always try it out and see for yourself, you can actually get good results too

      And once your life is a bit calmer, you can always go back to your normal routine again 🙂

      Good luck!

  3. really interesting post i used to do my butt daily but my friends told me it was too much! but anywho when u say hip thrust to failure is it weightless or can you add some light weight without overtraining? i do my butt routine 1 per week due to time but im trying for twice soon.. thanks !!!

    • What people don’t understand is, if you want to train more often, you also need to DEcrease your sets too, otherwise it will be too much of course

      Once per week is too little in my opinion,you can gain from that but it is not optimal.

  4. and how many reps per set are good if I want to train it every day? or how many reps per set are u talking about in your rutine?

    • It depends,

      Some reposnd better to high reps (15-20) and some better to low reps ( 4-6 )

      But most of us respond good at 8-12 reps

      A variation and mix reps would be a good idea

      If you are a total beginner, then you should start with 15-20 reps

  5. i have cellulite and flat butt . i workout every day . one day HIT butt to burn fat on that area and the other day weight workout for butt to give a mass .I am confused if its working or if i am doing it wrong way . i am looking for fast way , I’m really fed up of those cellulites.

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