I am doing fine

I feel happy!

My knee is getting better and now I can train with light weights with less sets but more often ( Legs/glutes 3 X week)

I do about  8 sets or so each session, there are some exercises I still avoid because my knee is not ready for it yet,but I am moving forward in the right direction and that is awesome! 🙂

I feel like a new person hehe


Thank you guys for your support! I really appreciate it ❤


My first week weight loss works fine, I don’t go out too hard in the beginning,so this week is like a “Body get use to it” week, for my next coming week I will be more serious.

My daily calorie intake is max 1600 calories per day in total


I can’t waist to see some definition in my waist!


Tonight I will train my upper body including abs abs

Tomorrow is legs and glutes again! I looking forward to it yeeeah! haha

A picture from today…


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2 thoughts on “I am doing fine

  1. I can’t waist to see some definition in my waist! !!! you are so obsessed about your waist , waist what did I say ?! 😛
    Keep it going my friend cant wait till those toned abs are revealed ; )
    All I gotta know is you are happy though to feel good 😀

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