Make lunch boxes-prepare meals

My lunch….couscous,chicken breast fillets,curry sauce (home made) and tomatoes

The left overs, I put them in lunch boxes for another day,perfect to take with me if I am out and need something to eat

This is the best way for those who are busy and “on the run” and don’t have the time to stay in the kitchen several times a week.


Make your own lunch boxes to prepare your meals


First make a list of what sort of meals/food that you want to eat,and buy it (or use the food that you already have at home)

Plan one day(or two) when you will cook a lot of food,and then put them in different lunch boxes to freeze and take out whenever you need something fast or something to bring with you when you are out

You will save time,money (instead of buying food on restaurants) and also keep staying healthy and get the nutrients and macros you need.

Plus, you know exactly whats in your food 😉

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