I am a tiny girl

When you see me in pics, you might think I am bigger/and taller, but…

I am a “tiny” girl, I am only 5’3 (162 cm) tall, You would see the difference if I was standing next to someone..

A picture from last year…my son (middle) and his friend and I was skateboarding 🙂 and you can see how tiny I look 😀


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4 thoughts on “I am a tiny girl

  1. Hehe you might be short but you’re definitely solid! I remember you weigh like around 141lbs and well maybe sometimes less if you’re dieting but that’s an impressive weight cause its in muscle and shape in the right places haha and your waist is usually pretty good so all that said with your height that’s an amazing package!

    And plus for bodybuilding its better to be short anyway as you can fill out your muscles easier so everything is good for different things! Tall would be good for like basketball and reaching things on top of shelves and whatever else tall people are good for lol. For weight training and building shape I think your size is awesome! 😀

    • Yes, that was what I weighted 🙂 today I weight 138,but with less muscles of course, but I will gain it back hehe

      Yeah, I know being short is good for bodybuilding/fitness to look more muscular hehe

      I don’t really have a problem with being short, but many people have thought that I am taller in pics, so now I wanted to show everyone that I am a little short one haha

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