What to eat for a bigger butt ?

I know that many girls wish that there was a certain food that you could eat to make your butt grow.

But, there are no foods that can only grow your butt..

Claims like this ” I started to eat nutella 1 month ago and my butt grew bigger!” or “After a few weeks with bread,my butt has grown 2 inches”

What they did was to gain fat all over,perhaps stored most of the fat (due to their genetics) on their behinds.

They should have gained the same thing from whatever they would have been eating.

When they added Nutella or more bread to their diet,they now ate more calories than they did before,and more calories will always results in more fat gains.

If you have the genetics and store fat mostly in your butt by eating more calories,then you will have a bigger butt from fat gains.

But this won’t work for most of us,because we will either end up having a big belly and upper body(as an apple shaped) or gain more fat all over

including the waist…



So, what can you do to make your butt bigger?


1, Start to weight train!

Building muscles in your glutes will gives you a bigger butt (increased muscle mass in your glutes= Bigger butt).

You have muscles all over your body,and you can choose which ones you want to “pump up” or make more dominant.

So, if you want a big butt,then you need to  target that muscles with weights,and following a glute workout routine 2-3 times per week

and do it for a longer period of time (muscles won’t grow as fast as fat)

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2, Add more proteins!

Yes,add more proteins in your diet,such as fish,eggs,turkey,ham,beef,cottage cheese and perhaps a protein shake after your workout.

More proteins in your diet will trigger IGF-1 hormone (Insuline-like growth factor) which will help you to build more muscles.

Proteins are your muscles building blocks!



3, Patient!

You must be patient when it comes to build more muscles in your glutes,muscles takes time to build.

And everyone is different,some will develop glute muscles faster than other,and some will develop glute muscles slower than others.

We all have some(one or more) muscles groups that we find hard to develop compared to the rest of our body,but don’t give up!

Just focus on what you want and work hard for it and you will see results.



4, Eat more!

I am not talking about over eating,but in order to make your muscles grow.

First you need to find out how much calories you need per day without gaining or losing weight(your maintenance calorie intake)

And from there, you can add between 150-300 cals ontop of your maintenance calorie intake.

There is no need to over bulk,it will only gives you too much excess fat.

The best thing is to add slowly under control and gradually increase more calories after time.



5, Eat healthy!

If you want to gain and want the best possibly muscle gains,then you should also eat more healthy instead of junk.

Junk will not give you the best gains,healthy foods will,and you will have a stronger and more energetic body too

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Milk,crisp bread with turkey,eggs,tomatoes and sprouts

Milk,crisp bread with turkey,eggs,tomatoes and sprouts









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4 thoughts on “What to eat for a bigger butt ?

  1. love tip number 4 patience and well you could just made it easier with a booty shake video and telling them all that if it is only fat it cant flex like that 😉

  2. Thank you for all of the tips! What types of food do you prefer for pre and post workout?

    • You are welcome Kaitlyn:-)

      Pre workout I usually take gram creatine,BCAA and 30 gram of fast carbs such as maltodextrin, post workout I usually take 30 gram fast carbs and whey protein

      Sometimes I just eat regular food post workout (chicken,rice and vegetables)

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