Grow a bigger butt without squat

How do I get a bigger butt?

SQUAT! That is all you need babe.

Yes, that is the answer most people will give you,especially guys..


My answer is

NOT true!

Squat is not the only exercise you need to gain a bigger butt,absolutely not.


Squat is a good exercise for lower body,and sure it target your glutes,hamstrings,hips and quads (the whole body get effected by it)

But let me tell you about squat…

If you are quad dominant (your quads are stronger than your glutes) then doing squats will probably do a lot more for your quads rather than your glutes..

And if you are glute dominant,your glutes will probably grow much more from squats than your quads for example (I had this problem in the past..

My butt grew but hardly my legs from doing squats)

Depending on your bodys structure and  anatomy,your angle will determine how you will place the stress on a muscle

For me…I have long thighs compare to my lower legs,this is a problem for me if I want to squat

Because I can’t keep my torso upright,which results in a leaning forward position with my torso.

That is why I grew my butt bigger than my legs,because I used my back and butt too much when I squatted.

Not only that,my butt is easier for me to build than my legs,in all exercises I do, my butt grows faster,even if I have a more upright torso.

I consider myself as glute-dominant.


Back to squat…

Some people gain a bigger butt from squat only,but they would have  gained even more glutes if they did other glute exercises as well

There are more exercises that will hit your glutes harder.

If you want to focus on glute building,then you also need to use more effective exercises that hits your glutes harder than your quads.


If you want a bigger butt,then you should train all three muscles:


* Gluteus maximus (the largest glute muscle)

* Gluteus medius (upper/side smaller glute muscle)

* Gluteus medius (Lying under gluteus medius)


That requires a variation of exercises that will target all three muscles in different angles


I will list a few exercises that will help you target all muscles


* Squat (if you are quad dominant-try the sumo squat)

* Leg press

* Deadlift

* Reverse lunge

* Bulgarian split squat

* Step up

* Long step walking lunges



* Stiff deadlift

* Single leg deadlift

* RDL (romanian deadlift)

* Kettle bell hip swing/ Cable hip swing/ Dumbbell hip swing

* Glute bridge

* Hip thrust



* Side lunge

* Side step up

* Seated hip abduction

* Glute cable side kick

* Clam shell

* Lateral hip band walk

Choose some of the exercises in each group,let say 2-3 exercises/each and perform them 2-3 X week.


To get the best butt possible, a variation is something you should think about.and keep those exercises that you feel are the most effective for your buns.

If squat does not help you to gain a bigger butt, then try another exercise!

Traditional squat is not for everyone when it comes to train your glutes,and it is not a “mother” of all glute exercises.


If you have trouble with the traditional squat,you can try:


* Goblet squat

* Squat in smith machine

* Box squat

* Sumo squat

By the way…

I have not done the traditional squat for almost 8 years because of lower back problems

and let me tell you….

My butt grew even bigger without it!


I picked exercises I could do to train my glutes such as single leg exercises,smith machine,leg press,deadlifts etc

After that, I saw good results very quick(with less weights too)

Good luck!:-)



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13 thoughts on “Grow a bigger butt without squat

  1. You’re lucky ! I’m quad dominant 😦
    I’m afraid my thighs grow more than my glutes… I already have big thighs compared to my butt, that’s my morphology (with a flat stomach)

    • Well, it depends how you see it 😉

      I feel like those who have big legs are lucky 😀

      I think thick legs are sexy and beautiful
      But even if you are quad dominant,you can always train to activate your glutes so they will grow faster

      I do it to my legs and it worked (before I got injured)

      So that is what I am going to do again when I can

  2. Really great post Lollo! A lot of good insight, and it makes sense too , everybodys gotta look at their body and see how its responding to certain exercises. And while traditional squat is a good exercise, I can understand how you say there’s much more that goes into building great glutes.

    Makes one appreciate there’s different parts of the muscle too. And to remember to hit it all specifically and not just a one solves all fix. I enjoyed reading and learning from this Lollo! Awesome work keep it up! 😀

    • Thank you Eddie:-)

      People have to know that there is no magic about one single exercise,it might be good and work a lot of muscles,but,it is not working for everyone.

      A lot of people grow their legs from doing squats,but not much glutes,and if someone does not grow glutes from traditional squats,there are plenty of other great (and even better) exercises to target the glutes hard and make them grow.

      I have seen a lot of women who struggles to gain a bigger butt,and all they do is squat because “this is what I learned,and people told me this and that) they say

      And they continue with squats with no good glute results.

      That is one reason a lot of females fail when it comes to glute training,they think traditional squats is the answer to everyone…

      I guess it comes from this hype “SHE SQUATS” “SQUAT” etc

      Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

      Have a great Thursday<3

      • You’re welcome Lollo 🙂 . Yeah I get what you’re saying, and you’re proof of all that. Some people just follow what others do or the “norm” of things and that might not always be the best if it doesn’t improve you specifically how you want. I gotta pass this on to some others its so helpful.

        And about girls getting more legs without as much glutes from squats, I’ve seen it. There’s some girls who can squat a lot but their glutes still aren’t all that big or great. I like developed legs also, but gotta have great glutes to go with it.

        Thanks and you have a great one also! 😀

    • Hi Pia,

      The only different is that you will have my support and help during coaching.

      But that service is not available at the moment.

      I hope this helped:-)

      Have a nice Thursday!

  3. Hi glutegirl3

    I came across this post because ever since doing squats my butt got so huge and my quads are so puny. I want bigger legs- i am glute dominant– thank you so much for making me realise what im doing wrong. Can you please tell me what i can do to make my quads biggers? Biking?
    walking and static lunges and squats just made my butt huge + firm but i dont want to make it too big now.
    Phew. Thank god for your article. It left me so perplexed.

  4. for me squats really make my piriformus and sciatica pain act up. but single leg deadlifts – i REALLy those in my glutes. With my body, my quads and glutes are weak but my hamstrings are stronger. very weird I know

  5. I’m a quad dominant. I have tried soo much different exercises. I don’t sqaut anymore but instead i do leg press, hip truster and i dead lift. the next morning i feel that my glutes are sore but myy mutt still doest grow. i tried everything. I really don’t know what to do anymore.

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