Still dieting




Calves,triceps and belly workout tonight done.

Cardio 40 min done


I was measured my waist this morning and I have had the same measurement for 2 weeks now, this is pretty irritating.

I have been strict with counting calories and have been eating for 1600 most of the time and max 1800, weight train and cardio


I am bloated from retaining water and most of it is on my belly because there is where I store most of my fat

This is a hormonal thing and something I have had for years.but sometimes I get frustrated because I want to see some damn results lol




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4 thoughts on “Still dieting

  1. Some damn results !! looool are you blind or just never satisfied when it is pms:P:P JK really , , you look amazing , and sometimes measuring can be tricky so give it time , and be satisfied and rest assured that your work never goes for nothing and you are doing a great work, those abs are sexy and much toned than before , and the legs ,,, as you said (sick legs , sick behind ) ; )
    your loyal fan and friend forever

    • You can never be satisfied,because than you will fail lol

      But,really…I retain so much water very often so it can be frustrating to not see my actual results.

      I am doing better and better of course 🙂

      Thank you very much!!

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