My 1 month progress


I have now put on some mass on my legs since my injury and lost belly fat at the same time for 1 month.

for 1 month, I have been able to train my legs,but with less weights then I used before my injury.

So, to make sure I could gain some mass back, I did my leg exercises pretty intense but with less weights,and that worked pretty fine.


If I don’t or can’t use my legs (weight train),they shrink pretty fast.


For my belly..

When I was injured, I could not even do belly exercises,well not the ones I used to do. of course I could have done some vaccums or straight leg crunches or whatever I could do, but I did not had the motivation for it.

Plus, I did not count my calories at that time either,so I ate too much because I gained too much fat.


When I really took a look in the mirror and saw how I really looked…I was pretty much shocked!

And that was a turning point for me…I had to lose this muffin top right away!


So, here you have it..(I am not done yet..)

1 month progress



my weight loss


My legs 2a feb-8e mars

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11 thoughts on “My 1 month progress

  1. Inspiring, I had something similar happen too me and this is just great too see!
    How often do you train your legs?

    • When I was injured and could not train right, I trained my legs more often,every other day plus rehab exercises ontop of that daily

      otherwise I try to focus on quads once per week and hamstrings once per week and also glutes once per week, so this means I “train”my legs like 3 times per week

  2. Wow, it’s crazy how much of a difference the weight training makes!

    I am wondering if you split train or do full body workouts (when you weight train)? I can see that you have written that you focus on glutes, hams and quads on separate days, but do you then do upperbody workouts on two days of the week? Or do you also train upper body on those days?


    • Yes it does! 🙂

      I train one day lower body and one day upper body, not on the same workout.

      In some periods I can train my glutes 2-3 times per week and other 1 time per week, I try to listen to my body

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