Be honest and have better gains

Whenever you are going to train,you have to think about that is it you,and only you who decides how hard your workout will be.

It does not matter if you have the best schedule and exercises ever,because if you don’t train right (really using the muscle/s you are suppose to train) then you wont get good results either.

You have to understand that you can make every single sets and reps as intense as you desire by using your muscle as much as possible.

The easiest way to do this is to go slowly,this allows you to have a constant tension in your muscle you are working with

and stress it out completely.

Just swing,use momentum or thinking about other things that does not have to do with your workout wont help you build muscles,because you will not train intense enough.

You have to ask yourself:

* What do I want from this workout?

* Do I really train intense enough?

* Am I using momentum,swinging etc trying to fool myself? if so, will this help my gains better or not?

* Am I using the right muscle enough or using too much assisted muscles?

You have to be honest to yourself,because if you are not,then you will keep having bad gains.

I know it can be hard to really accept that you are fooling yourself by thinking that you are doing your best and ignore the small things you are doing wrong.

But, I promise you, if you are honest to yourself and recognize what you are doing wrong,then things will change!

You will start to grow,and muscles that you thought was hard to develop might grow faster then you ever thought was possible.

I will admit,that I was trying to fool myself in the past, with my calves (and legs actually)

I was wondering why my calves did not grew,I trained them hard and frequent (at least what I said to myself;-) )

But my calves did not grew much anyway…I was frustrated and I said to myself:

“I have tried everything! I don’t understand WHY my calves does not respond”

But then I came to the point where I had to ask myself the real question ” Do I really train hard/intense enough?”

I sat down with a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down what I had to do,and what I had done,and then I realized that I was cheating,I was fooling myself thinking I did everything right,I was opening my heart and was brutal honest to myself even if that sucked at first.

 I wrote down my mistakes like this:

* I don’t squeeze my calves enough in the upper position

* In every single calf workout,I have a bad mind-set pre-workout(this is very important to have a good mindset)

* I swing my calves too much in order to lift the weights up

* I don’t use my calf muscles enough,I need  the tension and drive

* I am using too much weights and use too much momentum

* I do my calf raises too fast, I need to go much slower up and much slower down

* I have a bad mind-set every single day about my calves with affirmations like “my calves are small” , ” I have bad calves”
“I can never grow calves” ” I can’t show my skinny calves”

These affirmations was in my head constantly! from morning to night, day in and day out.

And you have no idea how this effect your muscle growth, a bad mind-set will absolutely destroy your possible gains

Our minds have a powerful impact over our performance and results.

Now, my calves are not a problem at all anymore,I am satisfied with my results and every workout for my calves I look forward to it and I really love to train calves:-)

I often get compliments about my calf muscles and people wondering how I train them like that etc

So be honest to yourself, if something is not working for you, then you are doing something wrong

And,in order to develop more, you have to understand your underlying cheating thoughts.

I have said it before,and I will say it again…

“You can always fool yourself, but you can never fool your muscles”


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7 thoughts on “Be honest and have better gains

  1. HI BEAUTY, Im 28 years old girl…I’m very petite, how many whey protein gram you suggest me? Thank you

  2. hello. i still can’t understand,why u need your legs that big? if u are glute girl…i mean the smaller legs-the bigger ass looks….sometimes i cant understand you;]

    • Hi there Me,

      I am not a fan of small legs and a big butt.

      I love thick muscular legs,and my glutes will never look small as long as I train

      I have my taste,and you have yours, this is something we don’t need to understand,just accept

    • Yes, it is so easy to think that you do everything right.

      It is important to ask yourself “Do I really do everything right? What could I do better ?” and so on

      I am still working on this from time to time 😉

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