Sexy calves-better legs

In my opinion..

Your legs will look so much better if you have some nice shapely calves to your thighs.

I really love calves and I also love to train them.

If you are not born with nice shapely calves,then you need to work hard for it.

I train my calves 3 times per week right now, and I do about 8-10 sets per workout session with focus!

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5 thoughts on “Sexy calves-better legs

  1. Calves are one of the hardest muscles to gain and train , but you always workout hard and always get what you want ; ) , I want to ask 3 things though ,
    1.this is personal ( I have screwed my knees up so bad after tripping) , dr say 90 % MCL and LCL sprain ,
    it is killing me , it is painful but I can’t sit or stop even if I know it is stupid to do ,so if I may as a friend … ( any advice ? )

    2. do instagram/twitter followers always get more updated and insight posts !! 😛
    3. Really sexy heels and legs but REALLY do you always put on heels before wearing pants 😛 😛

    Have a great day and results Mina vackra vän,
    (lol hope it is right ! )

    • I refuse to think that calves should be a harder muscle group,and whats motivate me to go even harder is that you can read everywhere that calves are stubborn etc 😉

      !, Oh, sorry about your injury! I am not a doctor nor a physiotherapist , so I can’t give you any advice more than let it heal,don’t use movements where it hurt,do rehab exercises as soon as your knee allows it to get a fast recovery, eat healthy!

      2, Instagram and Twitter are mostly for pics or short messages,so yes

      3, Of course ! 🙂

      Heal well and keep a positive mindset !

      • lool you are funny L.O & stubborn 😛
        You are the expert and you are the living proof so I wont argue about calves; )
        Thanks for your tips really appreciate it and haha yeah I prefer the long messages and real content 😉 but that doesn’t mean I won’t be checking the rest from time to time .
        Take care of yourself and family ,
        Xoxo (<<men can do that right ? 😛 )

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