Diet on hold

I have stopped diet for a while.

The reason is that I don’t have  gained my muscles back yet,and if I am too low in fat% I don’t think I look good (too thin in my opinion)

And that is not something I want.

So I will eat for maintenance for a while or above,and try to gain more muscles back.

You might wonder why I have not gain my muscles back yet? how about muscle memory?

It is because I still have a injured knee, it is not completely healed yet ,and I can’t train too hard or too much weight

Once, I can do it, then I will gain my muscles back quickly.

On Tuesday, it is 15 weeks since I sprained my knee, it was a sprain that was more “severe” and the healing process takes longer.

I have started to train my upper body harder too,and incorporate chest workouts as well.
I never trained my chest in the past,because I did not saw any reason why I should do it

Why I do it now is because it also trains your arms and shoulders,which will gives me more arms and shoulders.

I train for myself only,and do what I think is nice for myself.


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2 thoughts on “Diet on hold

  1. “I train for myself only,and do what I think is nice for myself”


    and if some other peeps like it too, that’s just a bonus. Have a great week!

    btw, Ima jealous, cause I gotta start cutting again😣

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