Just train VS train with focus

It is  a big difference between doing squats,lunges and leg press  going from A to B VS really using your glutes to activate them as much as possible in a nice long motion as “one” instead of going from A to B.

If I am trying to work my legs and not thinking about my glutes,my glutes will get some training from squats,lunges etc

but not near the potential they can get if I really focus on my glutes hard from the exact same exercises

I have not train my glutes ( I mean with real focus ) for a pretty long time now because I want my legs to grow back before I will gain more glutes..

And I feel and see a big difference in how my glutes look like compared to when I really give my glutes focus.

So I say this….

It is not all about the exercises,it is mostly how you perform the exercises that will give you the best results
Practice is the key to great success.

Now, I am ready to give my glutes more focus again;-)

Pics from my yesterday’s glute workout


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