Less is more?

Less is not always more,and more is not always better.

So when it comes to weight training, is it better to do more (sets and reps) or less?

The answer is..

You need to try it out for yourself to know.

I have tried less sets for my butt and legs and I have tried more sets for my butt and legs

and what works best for me is more sets like 12-15 sets instead of 6-9 sets for example

Also, when it comes to rep range,It works great with 15-20 reps for some exercises and 6-8 reps for other exercises

When I tried less sets, I also made my workout as intense as I could,but still I did not had the best growth

And when I increased my sets,things started to happen.

Also, some muscle groups will respond better to high reps,and some muscle groups will respond better to low reps.

I will write more about this in another article of mine in the future.

So my advice for you:

1, Start out with about 9 sets per muscle group at first and train hard and intense in every single set

and do it for about 2 months or so and then see how your body reacts and develop.

2, After 2 months, start adding more sets and do 12-15 sets per muscle group for about 2 months and see how your body reacts and develop.

3, If you want, you can try only 4-6 sets per muscle group and see how your body react and develop from there

Make sure to do every phases intense enough,and train the same muscle group 2 times per week.


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4 thoughts on “Less is more?

  1. Thank you for this article Lo! The number of sets to do always confused me as I was taught to do less but always felt the need to do more (I do about 13 sets on average now per workout). I will work out less intense through the week and have one intense and less sets a few days a week and then one full workout on the weekend (I don’t have time to do a full workout in the week). That should work well. Thanks again!

    • You are welcome Kat .-)

      Everyone should go after how their own body react to training,

      Some need more and some need less

      So try something that works well for you!

      Good luck

  2. Good Morning Lo!
    Question…Should we do the same exact workout twice a week for two months to see if we notice a difference in growth?

    • Good day bia02122 !

      You can use one workout twice a week or alternate between two workouts,but make sure to use the same rep range in both and also same sets

      Do it for two months in a row

      Good luck:-)

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