Train after YOUR body

Many girls copy other girls schedules and train exactly how the other girl/s train.

It is not that bad though, but…you have to go after your own body,how you look and what you want to achieve.

When I train, I want to gain in some areas and I want more or less volume in some places

and I do train in a way to accomplish whatever I want.

If you train after someone else schedule, you have no idea what she is trying to accomplish and you are missing out

whatever you need to do to make you look the way you want.

Hard to understand? sounds complicated?

I will give you an example…

We all look different, some people have narrow shoulders,and some people have broad shoulders.

Some people have long muscle bellies,and some people have short muscle bellies.

Some people have nice quad sweep and some people don’t.

Now, let say that two people want to add more size to their thighs (quads)

One of them have good potential to have a nice quad sweep from the front,and the other one have better potential

to gain more size on her adductors (inner thighs) and not so much for her outer thigh.

Both of them want to develop great legs,but they need to have different exercises to work on their “weak points” of their legs.

So they can’t copy each others workout schedules because they wont get the best for their needs.

This is the same thing for a girl who have weak/less dominant glute muscles VS a girl who have a dominant strong glute muscles.

They should not train the same to develop their glutes . because if the girl who have weak glutes should train the same as the other girl who have strong glutes that are glute dominant, she would not get the best our of her glute progress.

Everyone is different, and we all must train after our own body,and find exercises that will help us to sculpt our bodies to the way we want it to look like.

Of course you can get good results if you copy a schedule, that might work well for you,perhaps you have the same goal as that person or look pretty much the same.


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2 thoughts on “Train after YOUR body

  1. Thanks for the reminder! I see girls squatting more than me, and I get a bit jealous that they are stronger than me, even though I know that squats aren’t even that great at building glutes (which is my goal). I have been training HARD and with great focus ever since end of January, and my butt has grown and stomach has gone down, i need to focus on the positives and not the negatives!!!

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