Bigger butt with Supersets

If you have not tried it yet,then you should give it a go

I mean Superset for your glutes to make them grow

You will use two exercises for your glutes and perform them in a row with no rest in between them

Start with exercise nr one and perform your reps until you can’t do another rep,then right away go to your second glute exercise and do your reps until you can’t do another rep,then you have complete one set of a superset

Whenever I do supesets for my glutes, they respond so good to this type of training.

I do it in periods because it is tough on your body if you do it right,and then go back to “normal” training for a while and then back to supersets again to boost my glutes even more.

When you do this, make sure to go HARD! you should not be able to do another single rep after each exercise

Try it for a month and see changes in your glutes!


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8 thoughts on “Bigger butt with Supersets

  1. Thank you Lo! Such an interesting idea. I have been wondering about supersets but never quite knew how to incorporate them. Is it something like the brutal butt workout you had on your old blog where you did one exercise consecutively after the other? I am always confused as to whether you should do a full workout this way (pick 3/4 exercises and perform them in supwrsets for several sets each) or whether this should just be a finisher to a normal workout, like you would do normal sets with breaks and then pick a couple of exercises and do them in a superset to positive failure or failure as an end to a workout.

    I have done what I mentioned before where I did a whole workout this Way (with ten seconds or so active rest in between) and it is a huge time saver (you can be done in under 30 minutes) but you’re right… It’s definitely something to use as a boost. It’s too taxing to do regularly I think because without that recovery period in between exercises the balance and concentration start to really suffer.

    Thank you again!! ❤

    • You are welcome Kat!

      It is like the brutal butt workout,but you use only two exercises for superset and no rest in between and train to fail in both of them

      But it is a good idea to give your body a break from SS too, because it is hard on your body,but a few months is great (at least for me) and then go back to normal routine for a months or two

  2. Thanks for the info 🙂 I’m going to try doing a warm up workout with light ankle weights involving donkey kicks leg lifts and fire hydrants.Then do super sets with heavier weights doing glute bridge and deadlifts.

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