Glutegirl & Ab wheel

Oh dear,,,I better write instead so that people (hopefully) can understand what I mean.

I have been using ab wheeler for 1 month or so,and I still can’t do the full range of motion

My core/abs are so weak,ever since I got pregnant (two kids) I have not prio my core/abs at all

But I know that I really must take this action because otherwise my lower back will always bugging me

It is not an excuse “if I get children I can’t train my abs bla bla” I CAN train my abs,but I find it so fucking boring

so of course I have to suit myself if I don’t do anything about it

So, that was why I bought this ab wheel

So I will keep on wheeeeeling 😀


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6 thoughts on “Glutegirl & Ab wheel

  1. Nice video Lollo! Looking pretty as always 🙂 , just too bad your phone interrupted the end of the vid haha :P.

    The Ab wheel is a hard exercise but its great too so happy for ya! Keep it up Lollo! 😀 I know for me too abs is a inconvenient thing to train cause it takes away from your energy for main workouts and also just your time too lol. But its worth it I know for your general strength too so I started back doing abs 2 or 3 times a week.

    Keep at it Lollo! Soon your core will be super strong and that’ll help you for your other bigger exercises too so don’t give up! Lol as I write this I’m telling that to myself too hahaha! Have a great Friday Lollo!! You’re amazingg!! 😀

    • Haha, you are to funny 😀

      Yes, we all (I guess) have one muscle group we really hate to train hehe

      I will continue though 😀

      have a nice Friday!

  2. Yeaah…

    It’s so hard to motivate yourself to do exercises that are boring as hell plus dont show any major results.

    I love doing waist training of all sorts, but HATE doing ab training but don’t want to develop all sorts of muscle imbalances and like you say, we need a strong core so that the rest of our heavier workouts are better with balance and support of lower back etc. I guess we can try to squeeze in a fast ab workout at the end of a longer workout -_-..

    But yes, I am totally with you!


    • Yes,so true Kat.

      Abs are boring haha, so I do understand you;-)

      But I must say that core training have help a little bit now for me, so I will continue

      And I hope you will get something too 🙂

      Have a nice Friday!

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