One new supplement!


Today I got my order.

It is the usual,except for one thing…ZMA

ZMA has Magnesum,zink and vitamin B6,which is essential for our bodies.

And for someone who works out a lot and sweat more might need to add extra vitamins.

ZMA can also increase testosterone production (in men and women naturally) say’s some studies.

Magnesium might help with better sleep ,because it helps your muscles to relax more..better sleep=better results

I decided to try this ZMA when I search the internet how to get rid of bad PMS/PMDS which I have every single month 3 weeks in a row!

And read a lot that magnesium could help with PMS/PMDS too,and people who started to take magnesium got better from their severe PMS/PMDS.

I also found out that people who drink a lot of caffeine tend to have lower dosages of magnesium,also people who stressed much etc had lower magnesium etc

I will start with ZMA tonight and then I will give you guys an update if you are interested in it!

So, what supplement did I order?

*  Whey-80 star nutrition 4 kg/1 kg /bag.  Flavor : 3 chocolate and 1 natural flavor. I took 1 kg natural flavor if I want to add protein powder in my meal/s, example…when I do porridge,I mix in 1 egg and also some protein powder and stir.

For extra protein in my meal.

* Creatine, I use creatine daily,I take 5 gram pre workout and for my rest day I take 5 gram in the morning with my meal.

I purchased : creatine explode powder-OLIMP sport nutrition- pinapple flavor

* ZMA hardcore-chained nutrition first time I will try this out.It say’s that you will take 1-2 capsules before bedtime,also avoid calcium 1-2 h before use,otherwise it wont work “that good”

0taam 0tatam supp suppl

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6 thoughts on “One new supplement!

  1. Someone has been hittin’ shoulders and lats . . . 😲

    PMS is not my issue, but stress and lack of sleep are. So, yes please, do give us a review!

    Oh, and have a Great WeekEnd😊

    Sorry I was not around lately my friend and hope you are having the best of your times .
    I am just still going through hard times with rehab :S (Took your advice and got an MRI ) 😦
    Anyways keep going my friend and just wanted to drop a hello and check you out cause I kinda missed you .
    Kisses and hugs.

    • Hello Ez!

      I know it sucks with rehab and I know how bad you want to start lifting,so I feel for you!

      The good news is,you get back fast!

      I am not super completely healed,but I can train pretty hard now
      And it took about 4 months for me,and 4 months is not THAT long if you think about your lifetime;-)

      And once you can train,you will come back fast

      I thought to myself about my injury
      “I will come back,and when I do, I will be even better than I have ever been”

      And that is what I am aiming for right now 🙂

      Hang in there buddy!

      And a long with your rehab, you could(if you ask your doctor) train regular workout a side too(light and exercises that works for your condition)

      I trained my legs every other day plus rehab every single day

      Good luck and stay positive:-)


  3. Hi lo. I can do 100+ with one exercise but i find it hard to deadlift the same weight. I can do it, but not as many reps/sets as the first exercise. Should i go lighter and work my way up or continue 100? Also, any other home exercises to do with 100+ weight at home? Thank u

    • You will not be equal strong in every exercise, you need to use a weight you can handle for each exercise

      You can simply do any exercise at home as you can at the gym as long as you have some weights

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