Ride the horse girls & get a bigger butt!

Try this exercise if you want to gain a bigger butt

* Your arms must be straight all the time

* Push yourself only with your legs and not use your arms!

* “Sit back” with your ass, not leaning your torso forward…you must leaning backwards

Start out light and find your glute contact.

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12 thoughts on “Ride the horse girls & get a bigger butt!

  1. Hello Lo,

    I’m wonder what your bodyfat percent is if you don’t mind me asking? I want my quads to show but I don’t want to lose too much weight from my butt and hips (im pear shaped and carry my weigh there). I’m 5″6 height and weigh 152 lbs. What body% should I get to to look like you? My body percent according the my scale is 22.5% and my water is 54.5% (low i know). I checked my body % after eating but I guess that number is good enough. Please help me out with this question??

    • Hi Shayla,

      I have not measure my body fat %, so I have no idea

      Those scales that can “measure” body fat % are not right, they can show between 5-10% fault (more or less)

      The best way to find out is to seek someone who does caliper body fat measurement

      My fat is mostly on my belly area and not much on my legs

      • Ok thanks. You have been a great inspiration & big help with your tips. I have calipers maybe one day I’ll use them. I will mostly just look in the mirror and workout til my quads show. If I feel muscle and can’t see it I’ll just have to lose until I can.

      • You are welcome and thank you,you too 🙂

        Yes,keep on training and then do your cardio and eat less and your muscles will show off more if you want that

        Most women tend to gain more fat on their thighs, so that is one reason it is hard to make those leg muscles show off even if they are pretty lean on their upper body.

        I don’t have that problem, because I tend to gain fat in my upper body and not much on my lower half, so for me…
        It is harder to make my arms look lean,if I want that I need to lose a lot of fat

  2. Great exercise! Would never have seen it if you hadn’t posted it here. I tried it yesterday with a barbell with weights on only one side. Is that an ok way to do this exercise? Or does the other side of the barbell without weights have to be attached to something?

  3. OMG Lo!!!! I tried this workout today for the first time. I started warming up w/ just the barbell doing 10 reps. By the time i was done i had a 45 & a 10 plate. This workout is so Awesome! I felt it right away on my glutes. It looks a little Awkward “riding the horse”. But i didn’t mind it 🙂

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