I have been taking a little break from everything,but I am still here.

I would love to post more articles in this blog for you if that is of interest of course.

My main focus right now are job and study, but I will try to post more frequent in this blog (General , Tips & advice)

Let me know what you are interested in

I hope you have had a nice time to far 🙂


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22 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Hello, yes I am still interested. I love your blog and love to read your posts. They are so helpful. Continue to do what you do. You inspire me.

  2. I am still interested too! I love your blog and your personality that shows through! If you have time Id love for you to still blog but I understand it is hard to balance it all 🙂

  3. Hi :), I’m glad your still able to help and manage your personal life . I just had some questions on what type of workouts do you recommend for building up those legs? From slim to fit. Thank you Araceli Alvarez

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  4. Of course we are still interested!
    It’s my favourite blog! Of course it’s understandable that when life gets hectic, things like this are not the top of the priority list, but I think I can safely say that you can take as many breaks as you please and when you come back, we will all still be here, waiting to read. 🙂

  5. Love all the help I’m getting here! If I can make a request I would like to read more about how to get contact with different muscles in the butt, I think it’s hard to get in touch with my butt, my legs want to do all the work. Thank you in advance!

  6. Yess we are interested.. Your blog is so helpful and motivational 🙂

    It’s really hard to find blogs about healthy weight gain, and getting curves so please keep it up xo

  7. Yes Lo! Please try to keep us updated as much as you can. I know you have a busy life, but I love seeing your photos as they are motivating to me! Even if it’s just a photo to your social media, which is probably easier/quicker for you to post. I have been following you for years, and I thought I lost you a few times! lol but then found you on social media 🙂

  8. You ARE funny , you are awesome , you are strong , you are BEAUTIFUL , you are sexy and curvy but best of all you are my friend .( I hope you are )…
    SO Have a great time and be a little bit selfish to acheive what you want for your kids and yourself and think about us last , but be sure that you will be on my mind and I will hate you if you lost your motive or stopped letting us know you are doing great..

    Have an amazing everything my friend.
    And sure a HUG and A KISS to make you smile ; )

  9. I love your blog.I read it when ever I can.Its really helped my butt grow! I even had a girl tell me I had nice fat butt today and its all thanks to your blog 🙂 I would love if you had any info on pec muscle to give illusion of larger breast.

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