Hill sprints and upper glutes

Hey wonderful people:-)

I know that many of you ladies want to have a nice butt and especially want that “shelf” or should I say “upper but”
That makes your butt look like a letter C in profile view.

There are many exercises you can do to target your gluteus medius and minimus (upper glutes)

But, in this article I will talk about hill sprints.

Hill sprints, if you do them intense will hit your upper glutes really good,and will absolutely help you to get that “shelf” to develop

And I would say that if you combine hill sprints with weight training, your butt will become really great.

I have just started with hill sprints and my upper butt have been sore every time (mostly because I am new to this right now )

I really love sprinting! flat ground or hills,hard or soft surface, this is something I will incorporate to my training routine now.

Mostly because I love sprint, I feel so strong and free and all the endorphin’s that makes you feel ALIVE and gives you the feeling that you are the BOSS 🙂

I want to become faster too,take my body to the next level.

Right now I am doing it twice per week ( Tuesday’s and Friday’s ) Apart from my weight training leg/butt day

This is how I do it at the moment (great for beginners)

Warm up 5-10 min

Light jog,high knees,jumping jacks,butt kicks,body weight squats (alternate between all of these 10-20 sec each and repeat until you have done it for at least 5 min)

Then it is time to stretch…

Glutes,hip flexors,quads,hamstrings,groins and calves, 15-20 sec each in two rounds/each

Let’s do it!

Find a hill that is not too long (or if you have a long hill, you can just sprint the half of it )

Aim to sprint 10-15 sec (10-20 sec if you want)

Try to sprint as fast as you can handle in that short period of time

Then go slowly down the hill to your start position, this is like your “rest” between sets, I would say rest 30 sec-1 min )

between each sprint set.

Try to do 5 rounds in total, depending on your fitness level…

Perhaps you can do 2 rounds with 30 sec in between and then need a longer rest of 2-3 min,and then do another 2 rounds /30 sec rest in between and need 2-3 min again of longer rest and then do a final round.


Do all 5 rounds in a row with only 30 sec rest in between,and the you are done

Over time, you can try to do 10-20 rounds,but you need to work yourself up first

I am actually exhausted after 5 rounds 😉

What I did was to do 3 sprint sets with 30 sec rest in between them, then I had to take 3 min break and then completed 2 more rounds /30 sec rest and then I was fried!

Today my upper glutes are pretty sore and it feels funny (in a good way)

Cool down.

Stretching, glutes,hip flexors,hamstrings,quads and calves (15-20 sec each/two rounds)
Foam rolling if you prefer that too

I will post more about hill sprints for more advanced and whenever you get more advanced.

hill sprints

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2 thoughts on “Hill sprints and upper glutes

  1. Hey Lollo. I just tried this workout for the first time and all I can says is Wow! This really works the upper glutes and they are really sore. I notice that my lower glutes are sore too. This is the only workout the has made my entire butt feel very sore and that’s a great thing. I also have a question. My butt is rounded at the bottom, but kind of flat at the top. I am also in the process of loosing weight. My question is… If I do the hill sprints and no weight training, will this still help me to build muscle in my upper butt and possible make my hip muscles grow since sprinting helps the gluteus medius and minimus? I eventually want to weight train and work on all parts of my glutes, but my main focus right now is to build a more curvy upper butt and loose fat all over my body with interval training.

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