How to get better and bigger calves

This is a question I often get from females.

“How can I get better and bigger calves?”

I have wrote about calves before and I think I can’t write too much about it 😉

What we have to understand is that calves can be bigger just like any other muscle group in our bodies if we train them.

But it seems like calves need more work to develop,because we are using them from morning to night and they are very strong and resilient muscles.

in order to make them grow,you need to do more than you do today.

Calves needs both weight training and also cardio training to help them grow (what I have found out)

Especially for people who are not born with big/huge calf muscles.

Also, check your calf belly, does your calf sits “high up” or sits “low” ?.

In other words..

If you check your calf muscles in the mirror,and check from where the calves are attached (from your knee)
and then check how far down your calf muscles “ends”

If it ends in the middle of your lower leg,then your muscle belly are short/normal.

If it ends almost to your ankles,that means you have a long muscle belly.

People who have long muscle bellies ( It could be any muscle ) have a better chance to develop really big muscles.

So if you have a short calf belly,then you probably wont get huge calves,but…you can definitely gain more calf muscles than you have today!

So I would not skip calf training just because I have a short muscle belly.

But you have to keep in mind that you really have to work a lot harder!

Here are some exercises I would recommend for bigger calves :


* skip rope / Jump rope (perfect!, your calves will be sore for day’s at first)

* Sprint (flat surface)

* Walking up hills /or sprint up hills

* All kinds of jump movements

Weight training

* Standing calf raises / toe raises (2 legs at the same time)

* Standing Single calf toe raises

* Calf raises sitting in leg press machine (do toe raises seated )

* Donkey calf raises (2 legs at the same time)

* Single calf toe raises

* Seated calf raises ( 2 legs ate the same time)

* Seated single calf raises


* Mix both low reps ( 6-8 ) with middle ( 8 – 12 ) and high ( 15 – 50 )


Gastrocnemius ( ” Upper calves”, “the diamond ” ) ( 4-6 sets )

Soleus ( “lower calves” ,” the flounder ” )  ( 4-6 sets )

Times per week

Again….you need to give these a priority, so I would say at least 3 times per week up to 6-7 times per week

And I mean…2-3 times/week weight training for calves,and then 2-4 times/week cardio training for calves


Try these to vary your calf workouts,you need to challenge them all the time

* Supersets

* Drop sets

* Pyramids

* Rest/pause

* Giant sets

Good luck 🙂

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