Ready to lose fat

I try to do hill sprints twice a week.

Yesterday I did my first hill sprint this week,and I did it in 5 sets 2-3 min rest in between each set(round)
And this time I sprinted a little bit longer than last week,so it was really tough!

But, man…..I felt so GREAT afterwards :-D!

My weight training has not been my priority for a whole month,because I felt that I needed to back off a little and focus on other things for a while to get my motivation back.

And one of them is sprint! I just love it ❤

I still do some weight training,but I have not been intense, just to save some muscles and keep them healthy

I have lost some butt size and legs,but I am not worry about that.I still look “fit”

I also think I am ready to drop a little bit of weight again.
I took a break from dieting if you remember,but now I am ready to drop the last.

The best way to do this is high intense interval training (HIIT)
When I do it, I lose fat fast!

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4 thoughts on “Ready to lose fat

  1. So glad to see you’re still updating here!!!

    i need to lose fat too. I have a lot lol. I used to do hiit consistently, 3 years ago. I look back at the pics from then and think I look too small. I want to build a lot of muscle first before I lose the fat or I’m scared I will look like a little boy 😦 lol but my back and belly (where I gain fat) is soooo squishy lol

    • Thanks Mary:-)

      It is hard sometimes to find a balance of how you want to look.

      But , I think that the best way is to look in the mirror and don’t go much after measurements or scale.

      I think you overreact that you would look like a little boy;-) I am sure that it is mostly in your head and that others don’t think the same way as you.

      Other people see the “whole package” and not focus only on one specific thing as we do to yourself most of the time 😉

      Good luck dear!

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