How to correct uneven muscle size

glutegirlbieeeeeeeeeecepsMost of us have uneven muscle size left/right side.

For some people it is more visible than for others.

Here are my tips on how to correct it.

1, Video record yourself.

If you do, it is easier to see how you perform an exercise.

Look closely how you lift, are you using your right/left leg/arm more than the other side?

Are you twisting,pushing, going slower faster with one side more than the other side?

All these small details can make a huge difference, so pay attention how you lift,and try to lift exactly the same with the other side.

Example, take lunges..

Let say you  push more from your heels and keep your torso more straight on your right side

and for your left side, you notice that your torso is leaning more forward and you are pushing more from your front foot

and also use more momentum than the right side.

Then you should correct that by using lighter weights and start with your left side and try to keep your torso straight and push more from your heel just like you do for the right side.

2, Find muscle contact

For me, it was really, really hard to get muscle contact with my rear delts.
In every shoulder workouts, I tried to get good muscle connection with my rear delts and it was hard.
They did not respond good at all,and they were underdeveloped.

What I did was using my rear delts every day 2-3 times per day with my body weights only and gone through the movement
Bent over rear delts and really concentrate to use my muscles (rear delts) and in the top position I contracted really hard

Doing this daily, was just to activate my mind-muscle connection to that muscle group

When I trained my rear delts with weights twice per week in the gym and combined it with the daily activation exercise
I had developed a great muscle mind-connection in my regular workout.

It was easy for me to feel my rear delts while I exercised and they started to respond very quickly and grew pretty fast!

So that is what I would like you to do, use your body weight for one side-let say left/right glute. or left/right leg or Left/right arm and concentrate hard on that muscle.

3, Use it more

Are you using one side more in your daily life?
If so…try to use the weaker side more instead.

The more you use it, the more it will respond


If you sit on a chair, notice which side of your leg you are putting your weight more too,perhaps it is your left side that get most of the weight when you push yourself up from the chair.

Try to use your right leg more instead, or try to use both equal.

When you do your daily chores, are you using your right arm more?
try to use your left arm more too.

4, Isolate

When you are in the gym, start with your weaker muscle and use 1-2 isolating exercises and do high reps on it to
Pump in some blood and help to find the right muscle connection.

5, 1-2 extra sets

You can also do 1-2 extra sets with light eights in the end of your workout for your weaker side to give it a kick.

6, Go slow

Try to do the exercise slower, this will really help you feel the tension and gives you better muscle contact
Let say 2-3 sec up,squeeze and hold for 1 sec,and then 3-4 sec down

7, Squeeze

Squeeze your muscle hard in the top position,the more you can squeeze,the better

8, Patient

Be patient, do not feel bad if you don’t find the muscle contact in the first place, it takes some time for your nervous system to adapt to a new movement.

And it needs to be done frequently and many times per day, a minimum of 2 times per day (morning /evening) for at least 1 month.

I notice a difference in just 2 weeks and it just got better each week.

Good luck 🙂


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  1. Thank you for this post. Its really helpfull. One of my glute muscle is bigger than the other and I been trying to correct that but its really hard

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