2 exercises for gluteus medius/minimus

To target your upper butt, you can do these two exercises

1, Lying hip abduction with bent knee, lie on your side and use a weight plate or a dumbbell on the side of your leg

Do this exercise slow with control and squeeze in the top position.

When you are coming down to start position again,stop 1-2 cm to avoid knee to knee touch,because otherwise you will rest

in between reps and that is not something you should do here.

2, I call it “The frog bridge”, Lie on your back with your legs bent and place your feet together (see pic 2 a).

The raise your hips up while you keep your feet together during the whole movement.

When you come down, stop 1-2 cm off the floor and the raise your hips up again and so on.

This one is tough, and you can start out with your body weight at first.

Whenever you get stronger, place a weight plate on your hips,or a barbell.

I suggest high reps for each exercise 15-20 reps,whenever you get stronger you can do them heavier.

Because it is a small muscle group and most of us have weak medius and minius, it is wise to find muscle contact first

and do them light, full control,slowly and squeeze.

Also if you are a runner/sprinter, you should definitely target your gluteus medius/minimus and strength this area to help stabilize your hips and save your knees.

You can do these at home or in the gym.



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  1. Well lollo you know I gotta critique you , so first i must say I love this post because really adduction and abduction are like one of the most imortant exercises specially for posture and one of the most underrated and disregarded , and yeah I love your BlUE FROG outfit and hmm that new shoes ; ) so the critique is : the picture is tooo small and you are like looking down ,but i bet you got your reasons and I have one special request since I bet you lost the email I sent you ! so here is another different request (HOLLAHOOPP ) 😀 and damn that adventure time dress is awesome I was like OO lollo

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