calves,triceps and core-video

4 sets of each exercise

I also did

Seated calf raise and biceps bar curl


2 thoughts on “calves,triceps and core-video

  1. God morgon! (thank goodness for Google😌)

    So I have never heard you say . . . Is this your gym? or a commercial gym? You mentioned working out then going to bed, so I thought maybe it is your gym.

    And while Ima asking personal questions . . . Does your son ever workout with you? My Dad never wanted me working out when I was too young, saying it was bad for my bones while growing.

    Anyway, have a great Sunday!😊

    • Good evening.

      I train both at home and gym,this was not mine.

      It is okay for kids to train as long as they train with good technique.

      My son does not train, but sometimes he want to try,and it is okay

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