Glute boost before school/work

Lift your butt and make it look better in your pant skirt or whatever before you go to school/work

Do this mini glute boost workout right after you wake up in the morning

*Reverse leg/glute lift (you can do it on your bed or chair/table)

20-50 reps

right away to the second exercise without a break….


20-50 reps

right away to the third exercise without a break……

20-50 reps

The you are done, eat your breakfast 🙂


9 thoughts on “Glute boost before school/work

  1. This is such an amazing routine! I love to activate the glutes every morning, I can feel them working with every move all day! Thank you for this 🙂

  2. Hi! I love your blog so much i been following you since your old blog :-)…i follow all of your advice!! I have a question though???? So, I worked really hard for about 6 months-i lost weight and was shaping my glutes. However, I notice if I slack off on HARD training for a week or so or switch over to more cardio to try to loose more weight my glutes do down QUICK! DO you have any tips on this? Its like 1 month my glutes looks great and then the next month my results go away 😦

    • Hi Shenna!

      Thank you:-)

      It is usually your glute muscles that relax and lack of pump and swelling that comes from weight training.
      It happens to me all the time too, but it is not actual muscle loss, muscle loss start to show off more after 2-3 weeks if you take a break.

      If you are injured and can’t be active at all, then muscle loss will occur quicker though.

      Less muscles can be from less glucogen too.

      My tips are to eat enough even with breaks,drink a lot of water, stay active (walks for example) not too long cardio sessions

      I hope this helps:-)

      • Thank you so much for your quick reply and tips! I will definetly cut back on my cardio session and stick with shorter HIIT and I will do these exercises in the morning just to give me that extra “pump” for the day :-)!!!! I have to get back to training HARD and staying focused

        have a great day!!!!

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