Sore butt and lunch


What’s up?

Today I have a quite sore butt from yesterday’s butt workout which is nice:-)
I can’t wait until I have gained some glute mass back! 😛

I was out on Monday and had a date with my friend,and I drank some  too, but not much, I was not drunk and I also drank a lot of water.

The only problem was my sleep…I did not slept much, and this is one of more reasons why I don’t drink much.
Sometimes you just need to chill and have a glass of wine or two or whatever and feel like a “person” 😉

But the next day, I went back to normal (eating healthy,sleep and train etc)

This was my lunch…

Soup (varma koppen), 4 crisp bread with ham, a large salad + a protein drink.



2 thoughts on “Sore butt and lunch

  1. Great! It’s 10:00 (22:00 ?) and now Ima hungry😞

    Ok, technical question for ya . . . How do you concentrate the effort in your glutes when doing hip thrusts? I have so much trouble, feeling it in my hammies and/or low back. Just curious what tricks you use.

    Have a great weekend L😊

    • Hey:-)

      How do you place your feet and back?

      Try to keep your feet closer to your butt,and try to keep your back resting on a bench more to the middle of your back instead of too high.

      Do you get the same issue when you try to do hip thrust with your body weight only? if not, it could be that your load is too heavy for your glutes and your back and hammies takes over, try to decrease your weight.

      I hope this could help:-)

      Have a good weekend you too:-)

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