Watermelon-healthy choice

Watermelon is a fruit I am not eating too often 😉


It is too big,and I have found it very boring to eat, it does not taste much (in my opinion)


It contains a lot of healthy stuff and I am willing to eat it more often because of that 🙂
A,B,C vitamins, lycopene,magnesium,potassium etc

Plus, it does not contains a lot of calories which is great if you are on a diet.
I also like fruits that don’t take “too much space” in my belly,especially if I eat more calories and want to stay healthy and add more fruits and vegetables to my “bulking diet”.

Want to read more about watermelons health benefits? the go HERE



6 thoughts on “Watermelon-healthy choice

  1. Watermelons (the sweet ones) are one of the tastiest fruit I have ever had. Not to mention, they do a much better job at hydrating the body than drinking water as the water from it stays in the body for a much longer period of time. They are definitely a super food in my opinion. Perfect summer fruit!

  2. I like watermelons but it is easy to eat too much of it. In the end, it is pure sugar, although it is much healthier than processed sugar, of course.

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