Glute question : No fat on my butt, how can I build glutes better?

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I would like to know if you have additional tips for me. I have practically no fat on my lower body, just a very thin layer. It’s nice to be lean but that makes it hard to grow the glutes for me. I am working them 3x/week with 1 day lighter/higher repetitions and 2 days really heavy. I eat a lot of protein and good carbs and moderate fat. I have definitely made great progress these last months but I would be curious if you have another trick I have not tried yet 🙂 thank you!

A :

Thanks for your question.
I know that it can be quite frustrating to not gain fat on the lower body like the typical “woman body fat storage”

I have this problem myself, If I gain fat,it is mostly in my upper body a lot on my belly area,,arms,breasts and back,but my legs,hips and glutes does not gain much fat at all compared to my upper body.

There is not much you can do about your genes,but..keep on training with weights and change your routine now and then (exercises,reps and sets) do cardio to keep your belly fat in track,studies has shown that if you do cardio (that work your muscles),you will lose your belly fat  a lot more and keep your fat in the lower body due to the signal substance called interlekuin-15.

So even if you can’t change how your genes store body fat,you can at least try to manipulate it a little bit.
If someone are apple shaped,she can do cardio and start weight train so she can  go from apple shaped to more apearshape/hourglass.

Also, you could try weighted hula hoop (also read my story),

There is a study about hula hooping (weighted) that shows how hula hoop can make a redistribution of body mass
(paste it below)

A 6 week trial of hula hooping using a weighted hoop: Effects on skinfold, girths, weight and torso muscle endurance.


Novel ideas for core endurance training are continually being created. However, studies of their mechanism of action assist in evaluation of their potential as a training tool, for a variety of people and purposes. The specific purpose of this study was to evaluate a weighted hula hooping training program for its efficacy on improving core muscular endurance and influence on measures of body composition. Eighteen women participated in a weighted hula hooping trial lasting six weeks, although only 13 returned for post-trial re-assessment. Hip and waist circumferences, five torso muscle endurance tests and five skinfold measurements (“Sum of 5”) were measured prior to, and following the exercise program. Pair samples t-tests were performed to examine pre/post changes. On average, participants experienced a significant decrease in waist and hip circumference -3.4cm (p<0.01) and -1.4cm (p<0.05), respectfully and waist-to-hip ratio from 89.3cm down to 87.3cm (t=3.312, p<0.01). There were no significant changes in torso muscular endurance after the six weeks of hooping; however, the average “Sum of 5” skinfold measurements increased by 10.5cm (p<0.05). This study of weighted hula hooping suggested that regular hooping was associated with reduced waist and hip girth together with a redistribution of body mass, however there were no improvements in torso muscular endurance as measured by isometric testing.

Also,you could take something that balance your hormones such as maca powder as well.

Add 150-200 calories ontop of your maintenance calorie intake and gradually increase calories after 2-4 weeks if you don’t see much changes.

It is no use to overeat because this will only lead to more fat on the “wrong places” if you don’t store it on your lower half.


I will reply to all your glute questions who wrote to me,ans then I will make a single post of each:-)
Thanks for your glute questions!



7 thoughts on “Glute question : No fat on my butt, how can I build glutes better?

  1. weighted hulahoop that is interesting ! I didnt know you hula hooped 3-4times a week woow that is awesome ,, How are you doing friend 😀 hope errything going great and btw since you are into everything ,what is your take on the waist trainers ! just trend or give results ! ( and is that you in the pic above cause i noticed the same scale in your story :P:D )
    Keep going forward with your family and goal .

    • I stopped doing hula hoop wqhen I tried it 2014,because I got bored with it even if I got results, but now I wanted to try it again, I will do 10 min per day at least for 6 weeks and see.

      Haha, sure, it is me 😀

      I will answer the question about waist trainers later on.<

      i am fine thanks! I hope you are too 🙂

  2. This was very helpful! Actually, I have started incorporating more HIIT in my workouts and moderate intensity cardio and so far, my waist measure has stayed the same. I am still a little bit below maintenance calories, so I need to up it .. it could also be a hormonal issue, my hormonal system was out of balance. My therapy just ended, I hope everything will return to normal. I have maca powder here but always forget to take it 🙂 Thank you so much for this and have a beautiful weekend! :*
    PS: Love the weighted hulahoop idea 😀

  3. the hula hoop thing is quite interesting! do you have any suggestions of what i could do instead? (as you mentioned cardio that enages those muscles) any exercise or routine? i only have little money and would like to know if there are alternatives before buying a hoop.
    thanks 🙂

    • Hi Adriana,

      Yes it is interesting!

      I have not read anything else about other ab tools that will give same results as weighted hula hoop.

      But cardio (walk,HIIT,sprint etc) is great to minimize belly fat

      And along with core exercise that will strength your belly and back area to make it tighter (different kind of planks for example)

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