Glute question : Gluteus side dents,can I fix it?

amanda-latona-glutes(Amanda Latona with her butt dents,it is normal)


I know your site is GluteGIRLS, but you have a pic including a Dude, so . . . I think it’s possible that many Dudes (certainly not me😅) have the ‘caved in Glutes. Do you have an opinion on what muscle imbalance causes this and ideas on how to fix it? Ya know, incase there are any guys reading you that have that problem😆

A :

It’s okay to ask me a question even for guys;-)

Thanks for your glute question.

I think your question is about the side dents or “holes” on the sides of your butt that you refer to “carved in glutes” ?
If so, that does not have to do with a imbalance at all.

It is actually how your butt muscle is formed and attached that creates those dents on the sides.
Why some have more or less of this dents has to do with how much fat you have on your butt that will cover up those dents.

Females or males, it does not matter, we all have them more or less.
In the “dent” area, you really don’t have muscles in those “holes” to fill it out to be round(it’s bone,tendons and fat)

You do have gluteus medius and minimus on top/side of your butt,and they are more attached “around” the dents and not cover up the dents if you know what I mean.

First take a look at the pelvic how it is formed:

Male pelvis
male pelvisFemale pelvis
female pelvisIt is formed almost like a butterfly,and you can see the “carves in ” area already from the pelvic

And then take a look how gluteus maximus,medius and minimus muscles are attached

glute medius glute muscular-system-backAs you can see, there is no glute muscles attached on the sides.

I don’t think no one should worry about the glute dents,because it is NORMAL !
I have them too,and yes, I remember when I was really sad about having them in the past,but now I accept them and think I look really well trained with them 🙂

When I see a butt that has great side dents, I see a very well trained person (if it weight normal), It could of course be a underweight person who has a low body percent.

Even children have the butt dents! just because it is how a butt look like.



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